What’s New to Watch on Netflix? | May 2023

Netflix is not coming slow in adding new titles to its library and well, we are not even complaining about it! The more the merrier, after all.

The streaming premier is all set to add some brand new shows and movies onto the platform and we have listed down all the ones you need to watch and just cannot miss out on! For some it isn’t Stranger Things time just yet, so we will simply have to enjoy all we’re getting here.

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Let’s not keep you waiting anymore! Just dive in!

  • Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Limited Series)

Source: ew.com

If you are a Bridgerton fan, then this one’s for you! Of course, you remember Queen Charlotte, a character hard to forget; this entire limited series is about her. How she came to be.

She was an intriguing character for sure, and this spin-off only seems befitting. So, tune in now and find out about everything that made Queen Charlotte into how she was. It might not be a beautiful simple journey. .

  • Love Village (Season 1)

Source: netflix.com

Asian content has taken the front seat on Netflix, and it deserves that with its high quality. However, moving a little forward from the Asian series, we have now landed on a reality TV series. After all, they are surely exciting to watch!

Love Village is about sixteen single men and women who are looking for love living together. They start by restoring and renovating the house. Will some fall in love with each other on their way?

  • Ultraman (Season 3)

The wait is finally over! Ultraman will be hitting the TV Netflix one last time with this final season. This anime has garnered a great reputation and has added to the quality of Netflix content.

If you have not watched the season then now is the time for you to begin. Watch as science patrol that will be fighting for planet Earth and keep all the vicious aliens away.

  • Faithfully Yours (2022)

This Dutch thriller had made its way to Netflix, and trust us, it is an absolute must-watch! When two best friends, Isabel and Bodel get married, they do not get off the track of sneaking off on each other. They are bound to get caught up. But, how will this pan out for each?

  • Muted (Season 1)

Source: dmtalkies.com

This psychological thriller series will be keeping you hooked to your seats. When a murderer, who kills his parents goes mute after the deed for six years is only mind-boggling for all. However, a psychiatrist is not giving up and will be digging in deep for answers.

Do not miss this mind-twisting story.

  • Black Knight (Season 1)

Another K-Drama is set to hit Netflix, and it is science fiction. When in the future, the world is crumbled to air pollution, only Black Knights are the saviors. But, they are not the average knights in shining armor.

  • Working: What We Do All Day (Season 1)

Source: netflix.com

How about we turn a little towards docu-series now? Unraveling what an average American works, and fulfilling their jobs. The world is changing constantly. Will they be able to keep up?

  • Victim/Suspect (2023)

If ever, someone is sexually assaulted, the immediate response we suggest to them is to report it to the authorities. But what if they are the ones against you? To understand more, Victim/Suspect is about young women who reported sexual assaults, but instead, were arrested by the police.

What lies behind this? Do watch this documentary to get answers on this twisted world.

  • The Mother (2023)

A mother’s love is indeed unconditional and nothing will ever stand in her way for the sake of her children. This Jennifer Lopez starrer shows us just that!

The Mother has to be on your watch list from May, where you will follow a mother protecting her daughter from a dangerous threat. We also get a fresh new look on J-Lo, where before we have always seen her play cutesy roles, but this one is finally an assassin character that will not fall weak for anyone and will be fighting anyone for the sake of her daughter.

  • Home Again (2017)

The movie has made its way to Netflix finally, and you need to watch this now! The plot is about a recently divorced woman who moves to her home in LA along with her two daughters. Things take a turn when she also allows three filmmakers to move into her guesthouse.

All is a good journey until her husband arrives back in the mix and things take another interesting turn in their lives.

Some More Mentions

Here are some more recommendations you can look into available on Netflix now!

Queen Cleopatra The Mother Jewish Matchmaking Fanfic
The Tailor Queer Eye The Ultimatum: Queer Love Spirit Rangers
Hard Feelings Dance Brothers (Season 1) Dirty Grandpa Blood & Gold
FUBAR The Great British Baking Show: Juniors (Season 7) Mother’s Day Sanctuary
Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me American Gangster
Dawn of the Dead The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Legends of the Fall Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery



Surely your month is sorted with these new additions to Netflix’s library and we hope you will stumble across your new favorite shows or movies!