Counterpart Season 3 Release Date – Confirmation on Renewal or Cancelation!

Do you like watching nail-biting thriller shows? If yes, then Counterpart should be your first pick from the list. It is an American TV show based on science fiction and premiered on the Starz network in 2017.

Jonathan Kimble Simmons is the main lead and a total of two seasons have been aired to date. Let us discuss the release date for Counterpart Season 3 and what are the latest updates regarding the renewal or cancelation of the new season.

Counterpart Season 3 Release Date: Confirmation On Renewal Or Cancelation!

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Storyline For Season 1 and 2

The main lead J.K Simmons is an employee of The Office Of Interchange based in Berlin for the past thirty years. Two parallel Earths were created in East Germany by the scientist which OIC observed. It was the result of an experiment carried out by Yanek in 1987. Two worlds, the Alpha and Prime World are a counterpart of each other and a comparison between both of them is being done.

The Prime World got infected with a flu pandemic that killed thousands of people. People suspected that the virus was released by Alpha World and this was the beginning of the war between them. The Alpha World was very much similar but there were differences in the Prime World. Things get worse when Prime World plans revenge on the Alpha World for the destruction caused by the pandemic.

Release Date For Counterpart Season 3

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A release date for Counterpart Season 3 is still not official and there is no statement by the makers. The first season was aired in December 2017 and has ten episodes. Similarly, the second season has ten episodes and it hit the screens in December 2018. The makers decided to launch the second season after the first season was a hit and gained popularity amongst the audience.

People anticipate the release of season 3 but there are no updates by the officials yet. The storyline was quite interesting and kept the fans hooked on the TV screens. Several unresolved mysteries and cliffhangers were left at the end of season 2. The audience expects the writer to make a comeback to the TV screen by solving all the mysteries and ending the suspense.

We still have to wait for the update regarding the launch of the new season and binge-watch the old ones meanwhile. It’s been three years since the last season premiered on the Starz network which leaves us all disappointed. We can still hope that the makers continue the series by looking at the response from the fans. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope to get some official news soon.

Renewal Or Cancelation

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The finale episode of Counterpart Season 2 was released on February 17th, 2019. The makers bid farewell to the fans and declared that this American thriller series will end here. However, even after the declaration, the fans hope to see a new season in near future. The creator and executive producer Justin Mark bid a goodbye to the fans and said that Season 2 was the finale of the show for the time being.

MRC is the producer for the show and they have decided to end it because the response was not as they expected. The writers on the other hand might be out of the storyline. Some of the internal sources also reveal that the makers might be looking for a new home/platform to launch the new season as Starz network decided not to air it anymore through their platform. This might be a major reason behind the delay of the Counterpart Season 3.

Justin Mark, the creator, and the executive producer took his official Twitter account and informed all the Counterpart fans about the sad news. He mentioned that the Starz network has decided not to air Season 3. Mark thanked the fans for all the love and support during the first two seasons. But he left a hint at the end by saying that MRC is finding another platform for launching new seasons after all the love and appreciation.

There is a high possibility that Mark along with MRC will surprise the fans as this thriller series had a good score on Rotten Tomatoes. Furthermore, the critics appreciated the two seasons as they were very well shot in Berlin. The major reason behind the Starz network backing off was not the ratings or the popularity but they thought this television series was very “Male.”

The network changed its strategy for content and they wanted to serve the female audience. The Counterpart’s storyline and Starz’s strategy were totally opposite so they decided to back off and abandon the show. After the release of this statement, it was found out that most of the audience of Counterpart was male and Starz was somewhat correct about the storyline.


Is Counterpart coming back for Season 3?

There is no official statement about Counterpart Season 3 coming back yet. However, the Starz network has declared that Season 2 was the finale and they will not be airing the new season from their platform.

Did Counterpart have an ending?

Counterpart Season 2 was the finale of the television series and there is no update regarding the comeback. Justin Mark, the creator mentioned that they might return to the screens through another platform.

Where is Counterpart filmed?

Both the seasons of Counterpart are filmed in Berlin. Some of the indoor scenes are shot in studios in Los Angeles and Berlin as per the requirement.

Is Counterpart based on a book?

No, Counterpart is not based on any book. It is a science-fiction television series that had 20 episodes altogether. Jonathan Kimble Simmons was the main lead and the story revolves around two similar worlds.


All the important information regarding the release date, renewal, or cancellation of the Counterpart Season 3 is discussed in the article above. It has been three long years and there is no official statement about the new season. However, the producer gave a hint that they might return to the screens through a new platform after the Starz network backed off. I hope that now you are a bit clear about the current status regarding the release of Counterpart Season 3.