Piece by Piece: How Wooden Puzzle Kits Can Boost Your Brainpower

Fancy a brain-stimulating pastime? Meet wooden puzzle kits: intricate jigsaw enigmas meticulously carved from timber. These mind-benders are far from child’s play; they are sophisticated challenges designed to keep adults engrossed for hours. Their complex patterns and minute details put your cognitive faculties through a fun, rigorous workout, honing them over time. With their growing … Read more

9 Best Documentaries to Watch on Disney Plus

Documentaries are the best way to know about the facts and figure of a particular person, thing or a movie, so here are the recommendation of some of the best documentaries that you can watch on Disney Plus. As they offer some of the best content. Free Solo Releasing Year: 2018 Genre: Documentary/Sport Runtime: 1h … Read more

‘My Friend Dahmer’: A Killer Comes of Age

My friend dahmer featured

If you’re looking for the kind of violent, provocative and cathartic experience promised by typical serial killer thrillers, you’ve come to the wrong place. My Friend Dahmer doesn’t contain a single on-screen murder, kidnapping or instance of cannibalism. It’s closer in structure and content to a coming-of-age high school drama (Think The Breakfast Club, Better … Read more