The Ultimate Annual Cleaning Checklist: Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Home

Another free weekend is ahead of you, and you don’t know how to spend it? We think we have an idea for you! How about spending a great weekend or weekend cleaning the house? Your favorite playlist from the 2000s, your favorite cleaning style, and all the tools and you’re good to go! We know it’s easiest to call one of the many home cleaning services such as the one you can see if you visit this site, but it’s still more fun if you do it yourself, and it feels even better and better if you do it yourself. you do it yourself.

All you need is to have the desire, to have the willingness in yourself, to have all the conditions that you need and to start. But wait, you also need a plan on how to do it best, don’t you? Don’t worry, that’s exactly why we’re here. We know how difficult it is to take care of the cleanliness of your home yourself, so we are here to help you and all those who want to do it themselves. It’s best when you have a list to follow to organize your home and do a great weekend cleaning.

We leave it to you to just take all the cleaning products you need and make a supplement from the supermarket if you are missing something. Also, don’t forget to play the playlist that will guide you through the process. And the other? We prepared the rest for you and you can find it below. Today we bring you the tips that you should follow for excellent and flawless cleaning of the home. This list will be your guide not only now, but also in every subsequent cleaning. So follow us to the end and find out a lot more. Let’s get started!

A checklist that will make cleaning much easier and more interesting


Cleaning services can offer a great service, help you bring your home to perfection, and make it easier for you, but why not do it yourself? All you need is this list that we bring you today, and which you need to follow and go step by step. So let’s see what it is that you should commit to.

1. To begin with, it is great to air out the home and air out all the coverings

The first thing that is always recommended before starting cleaning is to ventilate the home. What do you need to do? You need to open several windows or a window and a door to draw fresh air into the home. In this way, all unpleasant odors are eliminated. It is also a good idea to air out all the mulches by taking them out to the balcony where they will air out. Almost all of us forget this step, but that’s why we are here to remind you and also to remind ourselves that it is very important to start with this step, and then continue with everything else.

2. Dust all surfaces with a dust brush and clean the dust


Dust is the worst enemy of any home, so it is important to clean and remove it thoroughly. First, you need a specialized dusting brush which you can find in any major hypermarket. Then, it is necessary to pass it over the surfaces that have dust and collect it. Once you have cleaned and collected all the dust, simply clean the brush and return it to the cleaning equipment storage. This will get rid of the dust, but this is not the only thing you need to do in terms of dust. You also need to go over the surfaces with a surface cleaner, which we talk about next.

3. Scrub all surfaces with a surface cleaner

You need to make sure every surface is shiny and clean! How do you fast that? Of course, you will achieve this by using a specialized surface cleaner. This product cleans the surfaces, disinfects them, and gives them a nice smell that you will surely enjoy. All that is required is to apply the product to the surface, wipe with a towel, and if necessary, wipe with a dry towel so that nothing remains on the surface. That way, you will have clean surfaces, that is, furniture, shelves, pictures, and other decorations and equipment that will smell nice, and be clean of dust and shine.

4. Vacuum all floor surfaces and get rid of dirt


Next in line is the floor. The floor is an important part of the home that we walk on, but it is also the biggest enemy in the home. The floor is an enemy because it is on these surfaces that you can find a large number of impurities that rise into the air and we inhale them. That is why it is important first of all to vacuum these surfaces regularly, but it is important to do it thoroughly. So make sure you have a good enough vacuum in the beginning because that is perhaps the most important thing before you start vacuuming. If you have a good enough vacuum cleaner, the next thing you need to do is thoroughly vacuum all the floor surfaces to pick up all the dirt.

5. Finally, sweep all the floors in the home

After you’re done vacuuming, the last important step you should tackle is mopping all the floor surfaces in the home. All you need is water with a floor cleaner dissolved in it and a great mop. Then all that is required is to first mop all the floors in the home once and then repeat the same step once again with new water and floor cleaner. That way, you’ll get clean floors, but you’ll also get a fresh smell in your home. It is good to do this several times during a week to have clean floors and less unpleasant moments accompanied by sneezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing caused by a dirty floor.


Cleaning is simple, and we made sure of it through these few important things that will allow you to clean the home yourself along with your favorite songs in the background. Everything you need can be found above, and all that remains for us is to wish you a pleasant and fun cleaning process that we are sure you will enjoy. For more thorough cleaning, you might consider Xpress Cleaning’s home cleaning services so you can focus on more important things around the house.