From the Rink to Your Collection: How to Build a Diverse Hockey Memorabilia Collection

Every sports fan in the world has some item, a ticket from the first game they watched, a sports card of their favorite player, etc., but making a collection out of those things can get a bit tricky sometimes. It’s one thing to have a diverse memorabilia collection and a completely different thing to collect everything possible, which is why these examples and tips should be of much help.



Learn about different types of collection

Before you start making a sports memorabilia collection, it is crucial to understand that there are a few different types, which is why picking the one that suits you the most might take a while. Namely, you wouldn’t want to start a collection that doesn’t interest you as much or that the overall effect and even purpose isn’t really to your liking or what you will cherish the most, so make sure to explore all the options and go with the one that meets your preferences. As for the types, even though they vary, five of them stand out as the most popular, and each of them is unique and valuable in its way, meaning that in the end, whichever option one decides to go with, one will not make a mistake. Of course, we will further explore and provide insight into those options to make your decision easier, or if you search for hockey memorabilia, you can take a shortcut, as all one might need you can find on this site.

Unique awards and accolades

The first and probably the most popular contains different awards that the player has won, such as medals, plates, trophies, ribbons, and similar items used to award someone. It definitely is cool to own some of these items, but it can be a huge investment since it is not easy to get them. On the other hand, there is no better way to increase the value of some collections than by adding these specific plates that are unique, and the logic behind it is simple, the rarer something is, the higher its value gets, which even though doesn’t apply to everything, it applies here.



Okay, this is something that every sports fan loves to collect, especially kids, as that culture of collecting cards, and, in this case, sports cards, is something that’s also usually passed from one generation to another. Another great thing is that sporting cards are much easier to find and initially much cheaper, but keep in mind that their value increase over time, and the collection could be sold for a lot of money after some time. Take the 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card as an example, as this card, due to various circumstances, got sold for 12 million USD last year. Understandably, it’s pretty difficult to find such a card today, but hockey-wise, Wayne Gretzky’s rookie card is one with the highest market value. Besides that, the price of the cards depends on how rare and how old it is, which means that some of them are extremely valuable and difficult to find.

Art and literature

One thing that many find surprising is that creating a memorabilia collection doesn’t necessarily need to be about a ertain niche. Namely, many people do not know that it is possible to create a valuable sports memorabilia collection of sports literature and art, such as artifacts, books, photographs, etc. Even porcelain or silver stirrup cups with sports motives can create a great collection you will proudly show to friends. All these items are considered as a form of art, which gives it a bit more value. Once again, the more uncommon somo photo is, the higher its value will get, and those taken at some memorable moments will always be worth more. Another significant factor value-wise is how special something is to an individual, which is why we often find some book or photo being sold at a much higher price just because it represents something special to another person.



Stamp collections are extremely popular worldwide, and some of them are priceless and good news for people who love sports and stamps is that they can make a memorable collection of stamps with sports motives. Namely, we can find stamps with different motives, and athletes’ photos are one of them. Furthermore, there is no limit to how big the collection might get as there are various stamps from different stamp creators, but the great thing is that you can also create your own sports stamps and make a profit.


The last type of collection we will mention is the one made of equipment and technology, which can include bats, firearms, and some uniforms. These are rare to find, and some can even cost a bit more than one is willing to pay, but it is definitely a unique way to create a diverse hockey memorabilia collection. Overall, even adding just one piece will make that collection diverse and authentic, which will also reflect on the value of such a collection.

All of these items can be received directly from a player or bought online, as many players donate their belongings for different auctions, and many collectors sell them once they get a certain value.

Do not keep everything

If you want to keep the memorabilia organized, it is important to keep only the items that have value, whether it is emotional or financial. Namely, sometimes we can have duplicates or items that we do not even remember when we get them, and selling them can be the best way to earn some money to buy something else we want and make someone happy at the same time. Otherwise, they will just gather dust and not contribute to our collection at all. Also, by having certain limitations, the looks and the value of your memorabilia collection will get much higher, and at some point, you can even make a pretty hefty sum from selling it.


Keep it exposed

Owning a valuable collection makes us proud, but it is much better to keep it displayed, so our friends and family can enjoy it too. It is also a great conversation starter when your guests arrive at your place, as you can show them everything you have. Frame the photos, put mugs and trophies in the glass showcase, and you will protect them from the dust and decorate your home at the same time.