Tobias Dorzon Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

If you are obsessed with food-related content on Instagram, then you might be familiar with Tobias Dorzon. He is a former football player who played many big games but decided to quit in 2012. Currently, he is working as a chef which was his passion since he was a kid. If you are curious to know Tobias Dorzon’s height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, and wiki, you can read the information given below. All the details regarding his football and cooking journey are discussed for his new followers.



Tobias Dorzon is an all-in-one personality who was born in Washington. He is a former footballer and now a chef and rising social media content creator. He grabbed people’s attention by posting mesmerizing food pictures that looked delicious. The details about his family are not publicly disclosed but his father was a chef. Tobias always wanted to become a chef and follow in the footsteps of his father. He was a bright student who completed high school in his hometown.


When Tobias was in high school, he used to play football and was very good at it. As he was a good player, he got a scholarship to Jackson State University. He completed his graduation there and started to play football professionally. Tobias made use of his football skills and played for NFL and CFL. In 2012, he decided to quit and pursue his passion of being a cook/chef. He started posting food pictures and videos on his social media accounts that caught people’s attention.

He was invited by his fellow football player, Santana Moss to cook for his friends and family at his home during an event. That was the moment of Tobias’s success as a chef as he was appreciated by many big names attending the event. He also has close ties with Guy Fieri who happens to be a restaurant owner. Tobias participated in Fieri’s show named “Guy’s Grocery Game” because of his incredible cooking and presentation skills.

Later on, Tobias Dorzon decided to open his own restaurants and he named them “Victory Chef” and “Huncho House.” These are one of the best upscale restaurants in the region because of their taste and quality. He appeared in a food program named “Iron Chef” too. At this time, Tobias’ cooking skills were highly appreciated by the people and he was featured in many magazines and newspapers too.

As per my sources, Dorzon is also a 50% owner of the restaurant “Fresh Green.” Tobias has almost 135K Instagram followers. His Instagram post tells all the fans that he hired his daughter as the first employee just like he used to work with his father when he was a teenager back in the days. He recently participated in the “Tournament of Champions” in April 2023. Hence he won people’s hearts first by his football skills and then by his cooking over the past few years.

Personal Life/Family


Tobias Dorzon got married to the love of his life. Both of them got married a few years back and they have two daughters together. The couple likes keeping their personal lives private. His eldest, Riley McKenzie Dorzon is the first ever person he hired when he was recruiting for “Huncho House.” He mentioned in one of his posts that it is a dream to come to get my daughter on board.


The former football player, Tobias Dorzon is 5 inches and 8 feet tall. He used to play football when he was a child. His skills, nice build, and height were the reason he could make it to the NFL and CFL. He worked hard to fulfill his childhood dream of opening a restaurant. There are rumors that Tobias also works with many organizations and NGOs.


Tobias Dorzon weighs almost 73 kg. Even though he is now involved in the food business, he keeps his body in shape. He has maintained his figure and takes care of himself. Tobias is a former football player so he has that athletic energy still running in him. He enjoys making food and has invested in several restaurants. His Instagram account is full of yummy food pictures that are cooked by him.

Age and Birthday

As per my sources, Tobias Dorzon is 37 years old. He was born in Washington in the United States of America in 1984. The former footballer celebrates his birthday on 23rd November. He will soon be 38 but has maintained himself perfectly. Tobias celebrates his big day along with friends and family in his hometown.

Net Worth

The former footballer and now a chef, Tobias Dorzon has a total net worth of almost $3 to $4 million. He has been playing since he was in high school. Later on, he played for his university’s team and made it to NFL and CFL as well. Tobias left his football career for the love of food. He always wanted to follow his father and become a chef so he started in 2013.

His cooking skills are known and appreciated by his fellow footballers as well.

He has participated in many television programs but has not won any title yet. His work was featured in the top magazines and he has cooked at several events for celebrities too. After working hard for years, Tobias now has two restaurants of his own. He is also a partner in “Fresh Green” with one of his friends. All these restaurants and a successful football career added to the chef’s fortune. He lives in Washington along with his family and has a luxurious lifestyle.



How old is Tobias Dorzon?

Tobias Dorzon is a 37-year-old chef and a former footballer. He was born in Washington and his father was a chef too. It was his dream to become a chef so he left football and started cooking in 2013.

Did Tobias Dorzon attend culinary school?

Yes, Tobias Dorzon attended culinary school before he started his career as a chef. Later on, he opened two restaurants and gained popularity for his food posts on Instagram.

How many restaurants does Tobias Dorzon have?

As per my sources, Tobias Dorzon has two restaurants that solely belong to him only. He is a partner in the third restaurant with one of his friends.


You can easily get all the details about the footballer turned chef, Tobias Dorzon’s height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, and wiki in the article above. He liked playing football since he was a child but always wanted to become a chef. He got married to his girlfriend and now owns three restaurants of his own. Tobias is an inspiration for all the youngsters out there not to give up on their dreams. I hope the article has provided you with all the details about the chef you were looking for.