Madzisstacked Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

Most of you might not be familiar with Madzisstacked as she is a new influencer with around 6000 followers on her Instagram account. She got famous because she experimented with her body and is now called the expansion creator of Instagram. If you want to know about Madzisstacked’s height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, and wiki, you can refer to the article below. All the information is not available as she is new and considered a work in progress.



Madzisstacked also known as “The Original MADZ” is an American content creator and a model. She was born in the United States of America but the details are unknown. The information regarding the social media creator’s parents and siblings is kept private. Details about her education and hometown are not publicly disclosed either. The only thing known is that she was into modeling from a very young age and started as soon as she got the opportunity.

She has almost 6000 followers on her official Instagram account. The reason for her popularity was the expansion of her bosom. She calls herself the “Expansion Creator” which is mentioned in her bio too. The model got into expansion stuff two years back when she was working on a project. She interacts with her fans from her main accounts and tells them that she’ll experiment more with her body later this year.

She is a rising Instagram celebrity and has accounts on adult websites too. Her OnlyFans account has all MADZ’s pictures and videos exclusively for the fans who are willing to pay. The social media expansion creator has not declared her relationship status yet. She is assumed to be single as MADZ is hardly seen with anyone. She faced a lot of criticism and was trolled by people initially for her body shape. Madzisstacked embraced her body and tried to promote a positive image.  

Social Media Accounts

Other than her Instagram and OnlyFans account, MADZ has an official account on YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Discord, Subreddit, Snapchat, and Wishlist. She likes interacting with fans through all of these platforms. Madzisstacked also made an account on Twitch 6 months ago but it has no content. Her YouTube has only 923 subscribers and she has only uploaded two videos to date.


The young social media creator is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. She has signed contracts with many modeling and advertising agencies. Madzisstacked interacts with her fans on her Instagram stories. She has a good amount of following on her Only Fans account too. People call her the rising star as she is a work in progress. MADZ was featured in a swimsuit advertisement where she tried to promote a positive image of her body.


The Original MADZ got famous for its unique body structure and weighs around 73 kg. She got famous as the young expansion creator on Instagram two months back. Her first post was a picture of her in a maroon top with the caption “I’m Back!” She was welcomed by her fans and now she posts regularly. 

As per my sources, Madzisstacked in her twenties. The actual day and date of birth are still not known by the fans. She has not disclosed her birthplace to her fans as well. It is assumed that she likes keeping her personal details private. I will try to find MADZ’s real date of birth and update it here.

Net Worth

Madzisstacked, a young social media expansion creator has a total net worth of over $500,000. She earns through her modeling projects and social media accounts. MADZ OnlyFans account has hundreds of people following her who pay a great sum of money to watch her. She is working on different modeling projects to promote a positive image of her body. She has a motto “Let’s grow together” which is present on all her social media platforms.

Her Instagram profile has a link to all her official accounts. She has a line of stickers that can be purchased by her fans. Although her income from these stickers is unknown, it is mentioned at the top that all the earnings from these go to the Trevor Program. You can purchase her MADZ’s bold stickers for your laptop, phone cover, or notebook. Hence she has earned all this money by herself in such a short time.



As Madzisstacked made her new account in June, she does not have many posts on her feed. It can be observed that she loves playing video games. She has a computer that is used for playing games and online streaming. MADZ informs all her fans before she is hosting a live stream on Discord so they could join her. The sources have informed me that she likes visiting Thailand and it is her favorite holiday spot.


Madzisstacked faced a lot of criticism from her fans when she joined social media. She was hated by people because they thought she was promoting body positivity in the wrong way. One should always stay happy and satisfied in whatever body shape they have but she promoted experimenting with the body. The curvy model and expansion creator got her Twitter and Instagram accounts deleted last year as well.


Hence all the information about Madzisstacked’s height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, and wiki are discussed in the article above. She is an emerging model and star who got fame for the expansion of her bosom. Her fans also call her “The Original MADZ.” She interacts with her followers more often and is all set to experiment with her body later this year.