The Morel Hunters Are Coming. Lots and Lots of Morel Hunters


In the coming weeks, the forests of western Montana will become ground zero for mushroom pickers. The Forest Service is expecting thousands of mushroom hunters to visit the Lolo and Kootenai forests for an anticipated ’shroom boom. Starting April 16, mushroom permits will be available through the Forest Service. While personal-use permits (for more than … Read more

Brooks: Seth Bodnar Suffers Academic Culture Shock

Seth Bodnar

Last week, after faculty leaders at the University of Montana found discrepancies in the curriculum vitae of new UM President Seth Bodnar, Clayton Christian wrote it off as a difference in customs between academia and the business world. Despite this sliver of evidence to the contrary, our commissioner of higher education continues to believe that … Read more

Legit at Last: Montana’s Long and Winding Road to Legal Medical Marijuana

Marijuana legal in montana

Roughly 30 medical marijuana providers groan in unison as the proctor leading the workshop on the state’s new tracking system opens another sub-menu. The system is called “Metrc” (pronounced “metric”). It’s a private cloud-based service first deployed by supply-chain management firm Franwell in December 2013. That’s when Colorado regulators found themselves suddenly responsible for tracking … Read more

‘My Friend Dahmer’: A Killer Comes of Age

My friend dahmer featured

If you’re looking for the kind of violent, provocative and cathartic experience promised by typical serial killer thrillers, you’ve come to the wrong place. My Friend Dahmer doesn’t contain a single on-screen murder, kidnapping or instance of cannibalism. It’s closer in structure and content to a coming-of-age high school drama (Think The Breakfast Club, Better … Read more