Armed vs. Unarmed Security Guards: Which One Do You Need?

Security guards are necessary when it comes to protecting a company’s premises. But when choosing the type of security guard, people often get confused. There are two options for you. You can either hire armed individuals or unarmed ones. So, what type of security guards are better? In this article, we will provide you with all the information. So you can easily make a decision.

Both unarmed and armed security professionals are beneficial. However, their benefits vary from each other in a lot of ways. Armed individuals carry high-quality firearms to protect in unprecedented situations. On the contrary, unarmed security guards do not have firearms with them. They only use other tools like batons, pepper sprays, etc. That is why it is a challenging decision to pick one of them.

Nowadays, you can easily find excellent security personnel online. There are various websites where you can tell your needs and get the right services. If you are looking for a uniformed armed guard, you can visit They provide excellent security services to their customers. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of the professionals.

You might be eager to know which professionals you should choose. Let’s understand everything you need to know about them to make a perfect choice.

What Is The Difference Between Armed And Unarmed Security Guards?


The primary difference between these two is based on the weapons. Armed professionals carry firearms for safety, while unarmed individuals carry tools like batons or pepper spray because they are not allowed to use guns.

Armed security guards are perfect when there is a severe danger to the company’s premises. However, if the risk is comparatively low, unarmed professionals can significantly help. Therefore, you must first identify your requirements and then choose from them. Usually, big companies, banks, courts, etc., require armed professionals. They are prone to more dangerous events and threats than others. Small companies and startups don’t need them. Instead, they invest in unarmed guards, which is a good thing.

Armed individuals are much more trained enough than unarmed ones. Special training is given to them to carry out their missions carefully. It is not the case with unarmed professionals. They are also trained but not well like armed individuals.

It doesn’t matter what type of guards you pick for your business. You need to ensure you use a perfect platform to receive these services. It is crucial to research in serial before opting for any particular one.

Do You Need Armed Or Unarmed Security Guards?


Now, the primary question of most people is whether they should be armed or unarmed professionals. By now, you might already know that it depends on the type of company and its requirements. Both of them are excellent at doing what they do. Still, you need to look at some deep points. The pros and cons of each type of guard will tell you which one you should consider.

Pros And Cons of Armed Security Guards


  • Quick action in difficult situations: The best thing about armed professionals is that they take action in no time. Sometimes, it is an advantage to defeat the opponent. You must always consider them if you think your business might get into huge trouble because of the mishap. They are better at taking action in specific situations.
  • Perfect protection: When it comes to protection, armed guards are more efficient. As they have firearms, it becomes easier for them to fight against their opponents. This way, you can protect your company and employees without any challenges. In the case of severe crimes, they are perfect in every way.
  • More trained: Armed security guards are more trained than other professionals. It is one of the advantages of hiring them. They are knowledgeable enough regarding the use of guns and other lethal weapons. It makes them more reliable and considerate than other ones.


  • Expensive: Armed security guards are much more expensive because they have excellent weapons. These weapons are generally costly. Apart from that, they are also trained individuals. So, they expect a high salary from their clients.
  • More legal issues: There is a high possibility of getting into legal issues if your guards harm anyone. Sometimes, the cases are so complex that you have to pay for the same.
  • Uncomfortable feeling: Many people feel uncomfortable when they see armed security guards. So, if it concerns you, you can consider unarmed ones.

Pros And Cons Of Unarmed Security Guards



  • Reasonable services: Unarmed security guards only use weapons that are not lethal. So, they provide their services at a low cost. If you have a tight budget regarding security, you must consider them. They are helpful for increased protection.
  • No legal issues: The best part about hiring unarmed professionals is that you won’t have to experience legal issues. Even if they have someone to protect you, the other party will not likely go to court. They might resolve the conflict with you. This way, you can avoid the high charges that the court often takes in severe cases.
  • Make your customers comfortable: Unarmed guards are not uncomfortable for people. That is why you don’t need to fret about your customers while entering your business premises. They might feel safe and secure in their presence.
  • Help in other tasks: The unarmed professionals are also beneficial for other tasks like managing the crowd, maintaining discipline, contributing to customer support, and more. As a result, you are getting much more just by hiring them.


  • Unable to handle complex cases: Unarmed professionals don’t have many weapons to take quick action. It usually happens during severe events.
  • Reduced safety: The safety and security provided by these professionals are insufficient. That is why you can opt for a different alternative.
  • Untrained professionals: Some security guards are untrained. They don’t know many techniques and strategies to provide better protection.

The Bottom Line

We hope now you can easily choose between armed and unarmed security guards. Both are good, but you must match your needs to hire them.