10 Best Filming Locations in London 2023: Where Cinema Comes to Life

London, with its enchanting blend of the ancient and the avant-garde, has long been a favorite destination for filmmakers. This city, drenched in history and pulsating with modernity, offers the perfect canvas for storytellers. Filming locations, like the heartbeat of a scene, provide that ineffable aura that imprints a memory in the viewer’s mind. Whether it’s the looming majesty of The Shard or the quaint charm of Notting Hill, each spot in London offers a unique cinematic experience.

1. The Shard

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Rising like a shard of glass from London’s skyline, The Shard is an emblem of modern architectural prowess. This iconic skyscraper, the tallest in Western Europe, offers panoramic views of the city, making it a versatile backdrop for films. Over the years, The Shard has graced many cinematic canvases, including high-octane action thrillers where heroes and villains duel against the backdrop of London’s sprawling vistas. Its unique tapering design offers filmmakers an edgy, contemporary setting that screams urban sophistication.

2. Notting Hill

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If London were a book, Notting Hill would be its most colorful chapter. With its pastel houses and vibrant market, this locale embodies the quintessential London romance. One can’t mention Notting Hill without referencing the eponymous film that showcased its charm to a global audience. The neighborhood, with its mazes of cobbled streets and bohemian atmosphere, becomes a character in its own right – lending movies a texture that is unmistakably British.

3. Buckingham Palace

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No structure captures the essence of British grandeur quite like Buckingham Palace. Serving as the official residence of Britain’s sovereigns since 1837, this regal edifice has housed monarchs and witnessed history for centuries. With its luxurious staterooms and sprawling gardens, its opulent facade presents a postcard image of British heritage. The iconic Changing of the Guard, a regimented spectacle of precision, has become cinematic staples for films diving into royal intrigues or historical dramas. The vast palace grounds, the iconic balcony, and the rich interiors have hosted scenes from sweeping epic tales to intimate character studies. Its undeniable allure and the aura of power and tradition it exudes make the Palace a beloved setting for filmmakers wanting to tap into the British royal mystique.

4. Southbank and Thames Riverfront

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Nestled beside the flowing waters of the River Thames, the Southbank and Thames riverfront is the pulsating heartbeat of London. This bustling artery, stretching from the London Bridge to the Houses of Parliament, offers a delightful mix of the city’s cultural and scenic riches,  which according to leading UK location agency Locations Direct, makes it one of the best filming locations in the UK.

The view of the London Eye rotating gracefully, glistening in the twilight, or the neo-Gothic splendor of the Houses of Parliament standing tall against the Thames, offers filmmakers a dynamic setting. It’s a vibrant stretch where arts, music, and history converge. Perfect for intense chase sequences, gripping drama, or dreamy romantic strolls, this location’s juxtaposition of the historic and the modern encapsulates London’s cinematic allure, presenting a city constantly in motion yet deeply rooted in its past.

5. Covent Garden

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Once a medieval fruit and vegetable garden for the monks of Westminster, the spirited ambiance of Covent Garden today, with its bustling market square and talented street performers, is undeniable cinematic gold. This location, brimming with energy, history, and the echoes of old-time merchants, has featured prominently in numerous films. From contemporary rom-coms where love blooms amidst the stalls to period dramas that transport viewers to bygone eras, Covent Garden’s cobbled pathways, historic buildings, and lively atmosphere provide a rich tapestry for diverse storytelling genres. The harmonious blend of music, theatre, and shopping in this iconic location makes it irresistible to both filmmakers and audiences.

6. Leadenhall Market

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Step into Leadenhall Market, and you’re instantly transported to a different era, feeling the pulse of Victorian London. With its ornate roofs, cobblestone pathways, and vibrant Victorian architecture, this location has been the go-to spot for fantasy adaptations and historical films. The market’s winding alleyways, glass ceiling, and the intricate details of its design beckon filmmakers looking for authenticity. The old-world charm of the market, combined with its bustling present-day shops and eateries, have made it a favorite, especially for films that wish to evoke a deep sense of enchantment, tradition, and nostalgia.

7. King’s Cross Station

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A bustling transportation hub, King’s Cross Station, with its rich historic significance and stellar modern renovation, presents a transformative cinematic setting. And who could forget the allure of Platform 9¾? Thanks to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, this once ordinary station has been immortalized, becoming a pilgrimage site for fans worldwide. With tourists trying to catch a glimpse of the famous trolley embedded in the wall, it stands as an iconic cinematic landmark. Beyond the magical realm of the wizarding world, the station’s expansive concourse, architectural brilliance, and its blend of the old with new innovations make it a versatile locale for myriad film genres, showcasing the heart of London’s transit system.

8. Greenwich

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Nestled on the banks of the River Thames, Greenwich’s maritime history is legendary. Combined with its scenic parks, world-class observatory, and the meridian line, it offers filmmakers a uniquely diverse palette. Museums depicting marine history stand side by side with the lush beauty of Greenwich Park. Its portrayal in movies spans genres: from historical dramas capturing the seafaring spirit of the British Empire, with tall ships and naval battles, to forward-thinking science fiction tales leveraging the astronomical significance of the Prime Meridian. Each corner, from its bustling market to the serenity of the Royal Observatory, tells a captivating tale, waiting to be captured on film, making Greenwich a cinematic dream.

9. Hyde Park

Sprawling over 350 acres, the verdant expanse of Hyde Park stands as London’s green lung. Amidst the metropolis’s relentless pace, it offers an oasis of calm with its serene lakes, ornamental flower gardens, and statues dotting its manicured lawns. Filmmakers find in its landscape a tranquil setting amidst the city’s hustle. Famed sites like the Serpentine Lake or the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, become settings for cinematic magic. Whether it’s romantic picnics under ancient trees, clandestine meetings by fountains, or leisurely strolls on sunlit paths, Hyde Park’s natural beauty and historical landmarks provide a versatile and picturesque backdrop for numerous cinematic moments.

10. Westminster

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Power, governance, and politics course through the veins of Westminster. This district, boasting landmarks like the majestic Big Ben, imposing Houses of Parliament, and the spiritually resonant Westminster Abbey, stands as a testament to London’s centuries-old historic and political might. It’s a place where the past and present converge, and where decisions shaping the nation’s fate are made. Perfect for political thrillers with shadowy figures lurking in Gothic corridors or films that leverage iconic landmarks for unforgettable visual moments, Westminster offers filmmakers a backdrop steeped in gravitas, authority, and history, capturing the essence of British governance.


From the modern majesty of The Shard to the historic corridors of Westminster, London’s filming locations are as diverse as they are iconic. They’ve given cinema some of its most memorable moments, breathing life into stories that stay with us forever. For film aficionados or curious wanderers, exploring these sites is a journey into the very heart of cinematic magic. So, grab your camera, and tread the paths where your favorite movie moments came alive!