How To Choose The Right Private Label Water Supplier For Your Brand

There is massive scope for growth and scalability in the food and drinks industry. From geographic reach and stellar increase in profit margins, Nielsen and PLMA have already predicted the growth to reach more than $128.6 billion with a 22.3% increase in the overall CAGR. Coming to the water industry, the global market value is projected to grow about $500 billion in the next five years, solely for the demand for clean drinking water.

Why not increase the dynamic of your business promotional strategy and introduce customized private water labels?

Partnering with the right solutions can guarantee apt brand imaging, whether for an event or the employees in general. However, choosing the right private label supplier can be a hard nut to crack in the facing competition. You will explore all the tips to consider before you pick this route:

Protection Of Design


Water is a necessity, a fundamental requirement for human sustenance. But who said you have to make it plain and boring? A water bottle is a unique product bound to create an exceptional market experience for the folks out there. Since you are filling a basic need of human beings, you will have to do something out of this world to get the customer segment’s attention to your brand.

As such, you have to go in-depth into the market hole and research people’s tastes and requirements – product design research is key to a stunning performance of the item, whether it is a promotional one or not.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind. If the label design you choose doesn’t protect your rights against copying the design, you are essentially doing charity work. A unique design must always secure a patent and protect the barn through clear – cut policies and procedures prioritizing protection. Multiple businesses have gone into losses just for not securing their design.

Quality And Timely Delivery

One of the most crucial factors upon which the right supplier must be chosen is quality and timely delivery. A common myth currently reaching the ears of the market players is that opting for a private water label means that your product quality is low. However, opting for the right private-label water supplier for your brand can open up a wide array of quality options for the type of water and provide them on a timely basis. A great rule of thumb is to ask yourself the following questions to your supplier and make a decision accordingly :

  • How fast is the average delivery time? (timeliness of delivery)
  • Are there any hidden costs? (transparency and business integrity)
  • What is your water production process like? (in-depth analysis of the water production)
  • Are you certified? (ensures global standard quality)
  • Is it possible to customize the private label and water types? (flexibility and broad range of options)
  • What’s the minimum order quantity? (prevention of unnecessary costs)
  • What’s your customer support like? (after-sales services and customer attention)

Pricing Policies And Terms

One must maintain the look and feel of a branded product for a lowered cost. Cost optimization is one aspect that businesses are constantly watching out for. The relationship you have with the private-label water supplier, and their experience in branding and water production, can play a crucial role in the success and failure of your venture. A reliable supplier would ensure top-notch quality private labeling services for an affordable cost for your business.

They ensure highly customizable prospects and labels equipped with in-depth market research and the lowest prices. From ribbed water bottles to unribbed ones to ethical and eco-friendly bottles, they provide a wide range of customizable and personalization to represent your brand image and reputation aptly. Whether a promotional item for your organization or an event, the right private label solutions can help you maximize your horizons of creativity, efficiency, and budget-friendliness.

They provide a wide range of water types like alkaline, electrolytes, spring, purified, and more that have been carefully produced in a cutting-edge facility. They ensure quick and quality manufacturing, whether large-scale or small-scale. To get a reliable and professional private-label water supplier, visit this site.

Product Specialization

Manufacturing water may seem like a simple job on paper, but it is extremely complex in terms of being compliant with a multitude of laws and certifications. It is impossible for a business to pull this off one-handed, so opt for a reliable supplier who can assure you that they specialize in manufacturing water of various types- from sparkling to purified, from electrolytes to spring water.

Research their testimonials on their website, and ask them if they have the right experience and skill set to manufacture that niche product. A track record in your target niche is always a green flag.

Global Outreach


Opting for a domestic manufacturer or an overseas one can be a taxing decision, especially when combined with the other factors mentioned in this article. Why does it matter? A domestic clientele can ensure a lower price structure of raw materials, preventing any barriers in communication or culture. Not only can you visit the factories and oversee their functioning, but you can also benefit from faster delivery times and shipping, lower costs, and immediate changes or tweaks.

While domestic manufacturers come with their perks, opting for a global private-label water supplier is still a better option under the right circumstances. If you are a small and budding business, starting a global business partnership can improve your scalability and chances of growth in the future. Moreover, the demand structure, costs, and capabilities expand throughout the market.

You can also be assured of the global standard quality of water bottles and break the costs with bulk ordering. If you want to produce in high volumes, international partnerships are the right way to go. But if you seek product margin over volume, consider your domestic suppliers instead.


And that marks the end of all the factors one must consider before you jump into the world of private-label water services. While appropriate branding and quality can stand to gain a massive share in the market, it is crucial to research the requirements of your target market and their consumption patterns to frame an effective strategy and shape the right customized labels for your water bottles.

Make sure you fully familiarize yourself with the multitude of events, showcase your products, maintain business relations, and secure a competitive position in the market. It is crucial to patent your designs before you partner with the supplier. Opting for the right supplier is an overwhelming process and can be an integral part of the success or failure of your business.