Property Disputes Resolved: Essential Legal Tips for Handling Real Estate Conflicts

Property disputes can be complex and emotionally draining. They often arise when two or more parties claim an interest in the same property, whether it’s a house, land, or commercial real estate. These conflicts could center around anything from boundary lines to leasing or rental disagreements, inheritance claims, or even disagreements between neighbors. Understanding the … Read more

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Legit at Last: Montana’s Long and Winding Road to Legal Medical Marijuana

Marijuana legal in montana

Roughly 30 medical marijuana providers groan in unison as the proctor leading the workshop on the state’s new tracking system opens another sub-menu. The system is called “Metrc” (pronounced “metric”). It’s a private cloud-based service first deployed by supply-chain management firm Franwell in December 2013. That’s when Colorado regulators found themselves suddenly responsible for tracking … Read more