The theme of this year’s Comix Issue is “Missoula Confessions.” Who do you tell your deepest, darkest secrets to?

Do you have an unpopular opinion about Missoula you’d like to confess? [Editor’s note: Indy staff begs to differ in the strongest possible terms with these scandalous opinions about valued Indy advertisers and friends. Except for that bit about Chacos. Those definitely aren’t winter wear. Buy a damn boot.]


Kyle Boe: [Indy reporter] Alex Sakariassen, actually. Bite your tongue: Rockin’ Rudy’s is not that great. It’s just garbage and incense.


Kathryn Kelly: My dad. He told me that even if I killed someone, I could tell him. Nobody goes anymore, it’s too popular: I fucking hate the farmer’s market. It’s just so busy it’s turned into a zoo. Saturday strolls downtown used to be nice, and now it’s just chaos.


Nate Christiansen: Well, I talk to my girlfriend the most. Low-hanging fruit: The cherries here suck. Door County [Wisconsin] cherries are so much better.


Kate Perkins: I talk to my best friend back in Washington. What’s with the sandals: The first thing that came to mind was how much people wear Chacos in Missoula. In winter people will wear them to business meetings, and I wonder if they’ve actually worn them outside in the woods. I guess that’s unpopular.


Joe Fairchild: My wife. There’s a few: Oh, I don’t know. Big Dipper is overrated. Or KettleHouse. Or both.

Asked Tuesday afternoon at the Dram Shop

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