Do you own a bike, and what do you use it for?

Would you use a bike-share program in Missoula? Why or why not?


Geoff Gilbert: Yes, mostly for commuting. And pathetically mountain biking. Remember the green bikes: Yes, with the caveat that I mostly take my own bike places. I think they actually had one for a while, but they didn’t saturate the market.


Hailey Jorgensen: I do have a bike. It’s currently living in my friend’s garage, but I most often use it to get beer. Useful in a pinch: Yes. There have been so many times where either I’ve forgotten my bike lock or I’ve got to be somewhere, a meeting across town, and I don’t have my bike.


Hank Kern: I do own a bike, and I use it for biking on trails. Got a point: No, I have my own bike!


Sarah Metzger: Yes, I own a bike, and I use it for everything. Going to school, going to work, recreation. I even have a dog trailer for the dog. If not for herself: I personally wouldn’t, because I have a bike and I usually take it whenever I leave the house. But I do think a bike-share program in town would be a great idea. Lots of people would use it.

Asked Tuesday evening at KettleHouse’s Myrtle Street Taphouse.

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