What have you used Craigslist for?

Have you or anyone you know ever used the Craigslist personals to meet people?


Dylan Asby: I’ve sold a couple of hard drives and my Wii, and I’ve looked for cars on it. When Tinder isn’t enough: Not that I can think of, but there’s probably some horndog friend of mine who has.


Julie Anton: I’m a real estate agent, so I’ve used Craigslist to post listings, marketing for my listings, and also to sell personal items. For a different crowd: I don’t know anyone who has, but I’m old, so that may be why.


Heidi Eggert: I’ve used it for selling garage sale items. Mum’s the word: I have not and I don’t know anyone who has. Or no one’s told me they have.


McKenzie Warren: I’ve only used it to find apartments around town. 0 for 4: I don’t know anyone who’s met up on it.


Jeff Pruttis: I’ve never used it. I don’t like all the bullshit on it. There’s a lot of rip-off crap on there, and a lot of not good stuff that goes on there.

Asked Tuesday afternoon at Liquid Planet Grille.

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