BrewFest is coming up soon. In observation of the occasion, describe what you’re drinking.

Which Montana beer would you want with you if you were stranded on a desert island?


Caitlin Hofmeister: I am drinking the Thirsty Street Kickstand Red IPA. It’s delicious. I would describe it as earthy and hoppy. Isle of IPA: Blackfoot IPA. No question.


Jenova Payton: I am drinking the Stone Scorpion Bowl IPA. It’s bright! But otherwise, like an IPA. I like IPA anyway, so as long as it hits the IPA mark, it’s good. Strawberries and wheat: I shouldn’t like the Strawberry Wolf Point Wheat from Highlander, because it’s a blasphemy with the strawberry, but it’s the best. It’s so good.


Elizabeth Grover: I had the Red Lodge Ales Last Chance Cider. It was really good, it was very fruity. Better hope there’s no other Missoulians on that island: Probably Cold Smoke. I probably would have to have Cold Smoke.


Grier Smithwick-Hann: I had the Lewis and Clark Miner’s Gold Hefeweizen. It’s just kind of a classic hefe. I feel like it’s a good summer beer and I was in a summer mood. An honest answer really would be three beers: Draught Works one time had this beer that was called the Brugh Hefner that was really funny, but I really like the Clothing Optional from Draught Works, too. That’s a good one. Oh actually, maybe Summer Honey. I take it all back! Summer Honey. That’s Big Sky.

Asked Monday afternoon at the Dram Shop

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