This week, the Indy writes about a conference about love and sex with robots scheduled to be held in Missoula later this year.

What’s your favorite fictional robot?

What are a few traits you’d want in a robotic romantic partner?

(Editor’s note: We asked lots of women, too. None were willing to answer.)


Bryce Kilker: R2-D2. He’s pretty spunky. He’s got some attitude, you know. He’s got a list: It wouldn’t look like R2-D2. Cleanliness would be really up there. Discretion is important. I don’t want it connected to the cloud. And then probably customization is what I’m looking for.


Bob Giordano: Bubo, that little owl in Clash of the Titans. It was a robot owl that I want to say was out to fight for the good cause. That might be my memory twisting what Bubo was all about. No thanks: Oh, god. The first that comes to mind is for that object to know that there’s not really a role for sexual robotic things, and it just poofs into thin air. Let me throw another one at you: It somehow helps in bringing together real people.


Craig Rayle: Pris, a pleasure model from Blade Runner. I think there’s something sad and damaged about her that makes me realize my own humanity. You can watch her on different levels, but then you just go, wow, what happened to her, and what’s my role as another being? Someone was going to say it: I tried that with my wife and it didn’t work. I’d rather have the real thing.


Francis Gjefle: I would pick R2-D2, just because I’m a Star Wars fan. Warm bodies: None. I want a biological romantic partner. Robots are programmed, unemotional, they’re cold. There’s no emotional connection there. Maybe I’m old school.

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