What was your New Year’s resolution for 2017, and did you manage to keep it?

What’s your boldest prediction for the coming year?



Aeriel Lavoie: I said I was going to make a 2017 playlist on my Spotify and add songs to it throughout the year. It was easy. I actually achieved it. Obvious, with a twist: Trump will be impeached in November, and it’ll be because he’ll start drilling oil in every national park.


Ryan Boehme: I don’t do resolutions. I just do lifestyle choices. Must be a skier: My bold prediction is that snow will fall for months on end. Or at least I’m hopeful.


Allison Klocke: I planned on not having one big resolution, but a different resolution for every month. I made it until March. No good can come of that: 2018 will be the first year President Trump meets face to face with Kim Jong-un.


Mary Butowicz: I make goals instead of resolutions. I had a New Year’s goal to run another half marathon, and I ran two. One of them was my best time. Well on her way: I’m going to graduate college with high honors … Right now I’m there, it’s just a question of if I can maintain it.


Max Jacobson: My resolution for 2017 was to travel more, and yes, I did keep it. We can hope, can’t we? We’re going to see the demise of social media.

Asked Tuesday evening at Draught Works.

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