Do you know anyone who uses medical marijuana? If so, have you seen it benefit them?

How many medical marijuana providers do you think are in Missoula, and how many cardholders would you guess are registered in Montana?


Michael Richter: Yes, I’ve known several people with epilepsy, and it has amazing benefits so that they don’t have to take other prescription medications. County providers: 30. Cardholders statewide: 1,000.


Mackenzie Cole: Yes, I know people who have used it for back pain, and they say it helps them sleep at night. History lesson: There used to be a shit-ton, when you could buy anything. It seems like it’s on the rise — one just went in next to my house. 30. So close: I think it’s pretty low. I’m going to guess 20,000.


Susan Higginbotham: I’m actually a patient, so yes, greatly. I would be on quite a lot of medication if it weren’t for cannabis. Maybe more: Maybe 10. The number is growing: I want to say maybe 7,000.


Sarah Cowan: Yes, oh my gosh, in so many ways. Not only helping people for the reasons they use it, but also just having medical marijuana available to them — not making it taboo — is awesome. It’s there for the reason they need it. Guessing high: I have no idea. Let’s just go with 100. I think that’s maybe high. And very low: 300.

(There were 50 providers in Missoula County and 22,177 cardholders statewide as of Dec. 29, 2017, according to Department of Public Health and Human Services statistics)

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