If you had describe your neighborhood in three words, what would they be?

How long have you lived in your current neighborhood? And what’s the longest you’ve lived in one place as an adult?


Sarah FitzGerald: Walkable. It’s not one word, but lots of dogs. And probably chill. Nomadic tendencies: One month, and a year and a half.


Claire Foley: I would also say walkable. Charming. And there are a lot of good gardens. Is that an even 18 months? My answer is the same for both: a year and a half.


Chris Milner: Quiet. Peaceful. Awesome. Slightly more sedentary: A year and a half, and three years.


Ryan James: Does it count as two words if it’s hyphenated? Quiet, school-adjacent and boring. But boring in a good way. New kid on the block: We’ve been there since December, so two months. And two and a half years.


Natalie Hamel: Surrounds the porch. She’ll crack 13 months in time: Eight months. And the longest I’ve lived in one place is one year.

Asked Tuesday evening at the Dram Shop.

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Alex Sakariassen began working at the Indy in early 2009. He primarily reports on state politics, the environment and the craft beer industry. His work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, the Choteau Acantha and Britain’s Brewery History Journal.

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