Do you currently subscribe to any magazines? Did you growing up?

Have you ever self-published your own work?


Maddie Nagle: I subscribe to the Magnolia Journal. It’s by Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. Young poet: I think in elementary school I had a poem published in a book, but that’s not really self-publishing.


Katelyn Grenager: No, I never have. Academia reigns: I’ve published peer-reviewed research articles in scientific journals.


John Stroud: No, my generation was like the death of printed stuff … well, printed work hasn’t gone away, it’s just become more bizarre. Who needs paper: I have a pretty big blog following, and Facebook of course — that’s huge for printed work. Instead of paying Penguin to publish your book you can just put it on Facebook and get more revenue.


Kinsey Smith: I subscribe to Bitch magazine. It’s a pop-culture magazine with a feminist slant. Also the New Yorker. I canceled that subscription, but they keep sending them to me. Learn from me: No, but my essay was published in a Writing 101 textbook.


Zach Carvalho: Personally, now, no, but Sports Illustrated when I was in high school. 180 characters: No, unless a Twitter feed counts.

Asked Tuesday afternoon at Liquid Planet.

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