Record straight

Montanans want their public servants to get things done. That’s just what Representative Kimberly Dudik has done throughout her service to House District 94 (“With the June 5 primary approaching, these are the candidates and contests to watch,” April 26). Kimberly has been a champion for children, working across the aisle to pass laws that protect kids who are in the most precarious situations imaginable. She has been a reliable ally for public lands, earning her a perfect score from Montana Conservation Voters. In fact, she is the only candidate for HD 94 that MCV endorses.

Kimberly sponsored a bill that holds the new owner of Smurfit-Stone accountable for back taxes, which in turn helps public schools in Frenchtown. In short, Kimberly Dudik is a proven champion for her constituents, and Missoula is lucky to have her. It is unfortunate that her primary opponent has taken to unfair character attacks. A public statement made on her opponent’s website alleges that Rep. Dudik supported coal trains (SB 140). This is blatantly false. That bill funds infrastructure for Colstrip and makes it easier to transition to green energy, while supporting workers left behind by the closing of the coal-powered plant. That’s why eight Missoula Democrats supported the bill, including me. It has been an honor to serve with Kimberly Dudik, and I strongly support her reelection.

Nate McConnell


Dr. Feelbad

Tester was right to save the Veterans Administration from this so-called doctor (“Brooks: It’s not what they stand for. It’s whom,” May 2). No more hiding in his cushy job.

William Chiapparelli

Water worlds

At least they get to vote on it (“On water condemnation, Monterey looks to Missoula,” April 26). Missoulians should have been allowed the same chance, in my opinion. Will we ever know the total cost including the legal fees?

Tom Hightower

Hold your breath

So, who is the chump expecting the Trumpster to suddenly give a shit about wildlife (“Trump’s border plans will hit wildlife hard,” April 25)? Seriously?

Jodie Eric Hagen

Not comprehensive

Many more species will be affected in addition to those listed in your headline.

Alexia Cochrane

So, thumbs down?

Great review (“Hostiles: The other white guilt,” Jan. 25). Perfectly captures my thoughts and feelings throughout. After sitting through this garbage, I felt I needed to look online to see if I was perhaps missing the point, and after reading pages of glowing reviews, I felt as if I certainly was. This was until MaryAnn Johanson came along with her excellent exposition on a film that felt to me like a cashed-up tourism board overpaid a talented filmmaker to capture beautiful shots of midwest landscape, then had a 7th grade writing contest to figure out a simplistic plot and a cast of no-one-cares stereotype characters to meander about for two hours under the pretext of trying to half-heartedly discuss ideas and issues that are not even properly framed. 2/5 for the movie. 5/5 for a great review.

Sean Tabner

London, UK

For the kids

As a father watching my kids grow up through our Missoula County Public Schools, I am reminded of the critical growth I experienced in my own public school district as a child. With both parents, a grandfather, an aunt, an uncle and a sister all professional teachers, my respect for and value of educators cannot be overstated. Our schools shape individual and community life in profound ways and serve as a point of unification for families, neighbors, professionals and even adversaries.

In support of this transformative part of my life and our collective lives as Missoulians, I am grateful to be turning to the leadership of Nancy de Pastino to be our advocate and ambassador for public education in the Montana House of Representatives. Nancy’s passion for our children’s school readiness and our school systems’ financial capacity to serve them is met with a skillset and tenacity to deliver new results. Nancy’s representation will elevate the dialogue about public education and embolden its worthiness both on the dockets in Helena and in visible, strategic action realized in our kids’ schools in Missoula. It is with confidence and solidarity that I anticipate hearing her voice from her new stage in 2019.

Nick Roberts


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