All biked up

Even with all the people at the corporation combined, they could never accomplish as much as Bob [Giordano] has for accessible bikes and bikeability in Missoula (“LimeBike wants a share of Missoula’s community-bike market. They’re not the first,” Mar. 29). I hope the city representatives that LimeBike spoke with made this clear.

Corey Rhyne

Peddle power

“‘[Missoula Bike Program manager] Ben Weiss and I have been working in partnership to evaluate bike-share companies informally for several years,’ says Jordan Hess, Missoula City Council member and director of the ASUM Office of Transportation.”

A formal evaluation needs to be done before proceeding. The UM Yellow Bike usage is less than once per day, with thousands of people on campus. Even if they drove or rode public transportation, they still aren’t using the UM bikes to ride. A quick internet search of “dockless bike share problem” shows that many cities started with enthusiasm and quickly learned that dockless bikes cause some huge headaches. Perhaps the city of Missoula should bide its time and do some formal research before starting to peddle dockless bikes.

That’s a pun. I meant it.

Charles Doty


Darling Corey

I have noticed that Corey Stapleton, our current secretary of state, has personally appeared in more TV and radio announcements than any of his predecessors. Makes me wonder if he is doing this for self-serving reasons, such as yet another run for public office. The wonder turned to concern when I received a series of unsolicited emails from his office outlining his position on several issues. I suspect I received these emails because I am a small businessman and am in the state licensing database. Even if this is technically legal, it is, at the very least, ethically challenged.

Charles Leonard


Supporting de Pastino

I am glad to endorse Nancy de Pastino for House District 91 in the June primary. I look forward to her representing the Rattlesnake and parts of downtown Missoula. Nancy is the real deal. She will not only work hard to represent the district, she will lead with distinction for our district and for our Montana. She will work across the aisle and fight for what is right for Montana and Montanans. I can think of no one who has more courage and stamina who will get up every day during the legislative session with a smile and then work like hell for all of us. Please join me in supporting Nancy de Pastino for HD 91.

C.B. Pearson


Downing shot down

Many thanks to Dan Brooks for his piece in the April 5 edition of the Independent calling out warrior Troy Downing for his ridiculous attempt to sling mud at Jon Tester. How stupid does he think Montanans are? As a retired teacher, I am particularly offended. I’d much rather have a former schoolteacher (as well as farmer) representing me in the U.S. Senate than some trained killer who blindly follows the orders of his commander-in-chief.

Remember the angel Gabriel? He was a trumpet player too!

And congratulations to the Indy staff, who last week voted to unionize. It’s the only way to give power to the people.

Denis Thane


Trumpet this

I am a professional trumpeter. Troy Downing’s parody of Jon Tester for being a weenie music teacher and trumpeter offends me, personally. I can’t pilot a jet aircraft, but it is the judgment in his TV ad that shows who he really is. We should trumpet music teachers and trumpet players! A former president played the saxophone. Tester is a proven leader and a great musician. A U.S. Senator needs to have superb judgment to pilot our country. This Downing ad demeans intellectual achievement and reveals his true heart: an anti-intellectual with poor judgment. I’d be grateful to have Jon Tester in the Senate. He may be able to conduct that government orchestra to play in tune with Americans’ needs.

Elliott Oppenheim


Send ’em packing

I’m getting really tired of all these out-of-state carpetbaggers or robber barons coming into the state and getting themselves elected to something.

Mary Lou Stofer

Eye rolling

Thank you, thank you for pointing this out. The dumbest goddamn commercial I’ve ever seen. No matter your political preference or agenda, be very careful when watching the commercial, you could very well wind up rolling your eyes all the way out of their sockets.

April Charlo Hughes

Cult life

Seven hundred dollars? You got off very cheap (“The cultish allure of Wild, Wild Country,” April 5). My cult took everything I owned, 10 years of my life, and it wanted my entire family. I’ll take conventional life over cults or ideologies. Watch out for all those right wing weirdos up there that think normal life is a conspiracy.

Frederick Stimson Harriman

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