Last week, Bob Stitt was fired from his job as the Grizzlies football coach.

Did he deserve to go?

Former Griz coach Bobby Hauck interviewed for the job this week. Do you think the University of Montana should rehire Hauck?


Ed Majeske: I don’t follow it that closely, but I’d say probably not. If I had a rough couple weeks at work, I wouldn’t want to get canned because of it. Beats me: Did we fire him the last time? I guess it depends what he’s asking.


Jerry Mace: No, he wasn’t given enough time. Fans are too stupid on the issue of how long it takes to build a program to be sustainable. Bobby Hauck didn’t do well in his first few years. It was a bad idea in the first place to take fan influence over the coaching decision. There’s a quote: No, there is not enough space in our prisons to fill with the players that he’ll bring.


John “Lefty” Garno: I do believe he deserved to get fired. He was running a trick offense, and it wasn’t working. The defensive wasn’t playing well under him. Bring him back: Absolutely, and I think everybody has in their mind that that’s who was going to get the job. Personally, I’ve known Bobby since he went to college here. We went to college together. He’s a great coach, he’s a great guy.


Nat Riley: I don’t know. That would be judgmental of me because I don’t know anything. That’d be like uneducated voting. And here comes the vote: I’m not knowledgeable enough of that to provide a correct answer, but I’m going to say yes, he would be better.

Asked Tuesday night at the Press Box

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