Pounded in the Butt by my own Podcast

A year ago, the Indy introduced readers to Montana’s rising star in the gay niche erotica ebook scene, Chuck Tingle. Tingle is the pen name of a writer who claims to live in Billings and sells short works of satirical, topical erotica called Tinglers on Amazon for $2.99 each. He became an unlikely internet hero in 2016 when he punked a bunch of Gamergate trolls, weaponizing his art to “prove love is real.”

He’s continued to build his cult following since, with recent Tinglers “Taken Hotly By My Handsome Physically Manifested Hot Take,” “Slammed In The Butt By My Handsome Laundry Detergent Pod,” and “Sentient Fort Pauls Manofort Is Charged In The Butt While Tromp’s Foreign Policy Advisor Georgie Papadop Admits He Lied About Hiding Inside.”

For his latest act, Tingle is romping into the podcast world with the forthcoming launch of his series “Pounded in the Butt by My Own Podcast.” The series is produced by indie podcast studio Night Vale Presents, publishers of the long-running podcast “Welcome to Night Vale.”

Tingle first teased the show in an online message on Valentine’s Day in which he acknowledged the foray into audio was a big step for an author who has closely guarded his identity — what he calls his “privacy as a doctor.” While Tingle will serve as the series’ host, the bulk of each episode consists of guests performing his Tinglers aloud. Guests for season one include musician Dane Terry reading “Bigfoot Pirates Haunt My Balls” and actress Mara Wilson reading “Butt Wars: Rogue Buns.” 

The first season of “Pounded in the Butt by My Own Podcast” debuts March 14.

The Indy contacted Tingle by email recently about the new project, publishing absurdist erotica in the age of Trump, and his dream celebrity guests. He responded in his idiosyncratic writing style.

Indy: As you've been writing Tinglers to prove that love is real, the world seems like it just keeps getting worse. Has the past year shaken your faith in love at all?

Chuck Tingle: This is a very important question but answers are very clear I will answer in two parts: First part is about the way of the world. Dang truth of the matter is that THE WORLD IS NOT GETTING WORSE it might seem like that sometimes but actually when you think about it its getting a lot better people who are sick as heck aren't so sick anymore thanks to handsome scientists and laws are getting passed left and right saying 'this buckaroo can marry whoever the heck he wants!' and even SPECIAL MIKE 2: ANOTHER DREAM came out (this is sequel to SPECIAL MIKE: A DANCER'S DREAM STORY). I am not saying that we don't have to work hard to make the world a better place, gotta do that EVERY DAY and it is an important part of the buckaroo lifestyle, but its not the end of the timeline not by a long shot. I have SEEN the end of this timeline in my travels (as a timeline man) and everything ends up okay even though things get off course with DOM TROMP for a while (he is a bag of void crabs in human skin you have probably seen him on TV mumbling into the void). This leads to part two which is that MY FAITH IN LOVE IS NEVER SHAKEN BECAUSE LOVE IS REAL! Important thing to remember is that there are infinite timelines and that means LOTS of different versions of reality. Some are strange and make me shake and drool but others are nice and pretty much like this one NO PROBLEM BUD (HAHAHAHAHAHA) but the one thing that is always the same on all timelines even if up is down and right is left is the LOVE IS REAL. This is one consistent rule and I think that is very important to remember. if you understand this in your butts heart you will realize that there is nothing that can shake down love not even a little bit.

What else have you been up to in the past year?

It has been a big year as man name of Chuck, worlds greatest author. I have been writing a lot of tinglers but this is always my way. Son Jon is married so KLOWY lives with us, that is his wife, and it makes the house so warm and fun makes me want to trot all day and night almost drowns out the sound of Sweet Barbara talking like marbles in the wall. Also TRUCKMAN lives in the walls now but thats another dang story. Besides that I am working on the BIG TIME PODCAST and keeping an eye on Ted Cobbler mostly been quiet over there but he's always up to no good everyone in the neighborhood knows this. 

It sounds like Night Vale approached you about launching this podcast. Had you thought about making a podcast before, and how did you settle on this concept?

As an artistic man I have CONSIDERED a podcast way before but also thought 'well thats a lot of dang work to be a writer and a talker' and also I think that I would need help with this because son Jon (and Sam Rand he helps me publish books online and log into the internet) are very busy already. When NIGHT VALE BUCKAROOS came along I thought 'wow this is a match like hogs on a stump!' because they wanted to prove love with a podcast way and I WANTED TO PROVE LOVE WITH A PODCAST WAY TOO. When we started to work together everything made sense because they are so talented and it is so nice to talk to them on the phone (me and friend of son of Jon have meetings with them a lot LIKE I AM A COOL GUY IN A SUIT IN AN OFFICE not really but it would be dang cool). I like their way a lot. As far as ideas for big time show it sounds like we were on the same side of the tree I wanted to talk like SKULLMAN in TALES FROM THE BASEMENT and they said that was a good way and so it just became a good show from there.

How are things over in Billings? I know you like to write in the public library, but where are you recording your podcast?

Yes, I like to write at BILLINGS PUBLIC LIBRARY when I take the bus (son Jon says thats okay) but lately I have been worried about my privacy as a doctor so I write at home more but sometimes I will go there like a spyman sneaking along trying not to get spotted. With podcast I can record at home son Jon helps set me. This helps me protect my privacy as a doctor as my online Night Vale buds do not know who I am they just know that I love them.

How does it feel to hear your work read aloud by others?

Well I do not know this way actually because I am scared to listen, so I do not listen to my audiobooks and I do not listen to my own big time show because I am frightened that I will hear a mistake so it is better off that I just trust this timeline will be okay. Because of my UNIQUE WAY I am sometimes worried about how I am (this is only natural it is okay and a normal way but it can be uncomfortable to me) but I bet it sounds SO DANG NICE to read the stories aloud.

What are you looking for in your guest readers? Who are some of your dream guests for the podcast?

Most important thing in guest reader is that they hope to PROVE LOVE. I understand that there are many reactions to tinglers some want to have a good chuckle and some want to get hard as rocks and either way is okay. It is all about INTENT of reader and openness of their way. Best guest reader would be CHANNING TATUM this is clear choice for number one winner but also TOMS HANK or maybe E. T. BAILEY star of EAT a documentary about a man who lives in the closet and only eats REECSE'S PIECES his voice has a unique way like mine when he talks about calling home so I appreciate this way.

When's the best time for someone to listen to an episode? They're obviously NSFW, and simultaneously funny and erotic.

I think there are many DANG GOOD WAYS to listen to a podcast. First of all is driving in a handsome car maybe you have been talking to him for a while and want to see where it goes as buds. Maybe if you want to get hard with your car but haven't had a chance to horse around yet you could listen to a Tingler and then talk about it together and see how it made you feel. Maybe it will make you and your handsome car want to kiss in the dark THIS IS NORMAL. Another good way to listen to tingler podcast is when you are trotting at the gym getting HARD AS ROCKS with all your buds maybe working on your calves maybe working on something else. When you and your buds are getting hard on a treadmill or other device you can listen together to these important tales. After working out you can say 'hey let's horse around more maybe learn our bodies together' and then your bud says 'that sounds like a good plan' and then you can prove love together.

How many episodes can we expect?

I do not know this is the first season (on this timeline on other timelines this show has been going on for thirty four years wow) but I do not know how many episodes there are yet. There will be however many they ask me to talk the talk on as world's greatest host.

Will you be writing a Tingler about the podcast?

This is a very good idea I have considered this way but I am not sure yet because I would like to focus on LISTENING WAY of podcast for now not reading way just yet. I think that would be a nice idea it is always good to write tinglers about important things in your life and this is very important to me.

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Staff reporter Derek Brouwer joined the Indy in 2015 after year-long stints covering education at the Billings Gazette and the Helena Independent Record. He graduated from Montana State University. Follow him on Twitter: @derekwbrouwer.

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