Mugging for a cause

I thought maybe the coward Gianforte was using the pen name Dan Brooks and wrote this article himself ("Keep a promise? Hasn't Greg Gianforte suffered enough?" Sept. 7). Can't wait to buy a Gianforte mugshot T-shirt to support whoever runs against him.

Chuck Schulthies

Half right?

Let me guess, Dan Brooks ... you're a white male in this country who is freaking out because your power is slipping away. Just like all the other white males in this country who continue to use violence and acts of terror to try to retain some sense of being in control. So glad your voice and those of the like are not accepted as gospel by a growing number of people. And my sympathies to those stupid enough to believe the BS you spew.

Marie Piccola

Poor hypocrite

This past week in Missoula a group of up to six young men around age 18, beat another young man up with a baseball bat and a hammer. Twenty staples in the kid's head and his fingers broken. These kids had some sort of legitimate beef that needed to be sorted out, but they chose violence.

I saw a bumper sticker last week that said "My congressman can beat up your congressman." Supports violence.

A few weeks ago a young couple in Missoula murdered and dismembered and melted in acid another young couple like it was a scene out of a show that everyone watched together. Supports violence.

Our middle-aged congressman threw another human to the ground and punched him numerous times. He lied about it, then told a little more of the truth when it was clear there was an audio recording and multiple eyewitnesses. He lied to the court and to the judge and the public about his intentions toward reparation. This congressman is a Christianist, a member of a group of people who claim to be better than non-Christianists. But supports violence. A quite typical Christian role model. Hypocrite.

Poor guy.

Erin O'Doherty


I voted for Gianforte and will vote for him again in the next election. He is a good man and has done a lot for Montana and will continue to work hard to represent all of us. The news media is doing a lot of harm not only to themselves but to the people. The truth should always be the goal, and not ideologies at any cost.

Gloria Roark

Troll model

Picking on the poor downtrodden multi-millionaire thug again. He's in Washington to drain the swamp by knowing no shame like his inspiration Donald Drumpfsterfire.

Jay Sinnott

First and second...

Gianforte's first impulse was to lie and lie some more. Unfortunately for him there were witnesses and also audio. Otherwise, this liar and zero-to-60 nutcase might have gotten away with it.

Michelle Nielsen

Let 'em run wild

You know, I feel like what they and all these yokels deserve is to let them have their head ("Breaking the rules: Zinke and Trump go to war on regulation," Aug. 31). I mean, we have regulations in the first place because people/companies/corporations cannot be trusted to regulate themselves.

Just let them run wild until the rivers can be lit on fire again. That's really all that will stop them. Because people never learn.

Louise McMillin

Esther Chessin Way

One of my favorite true Missoulians ever ("Remembering Esther Chessin," Sept. 8). She has been a positive force in this community for decades, and in my life since day one of meeting her, way back in 1992. We should rename one of our streets for this great woman. This exceptional human being should never leave our hearts and thoughts. Goodbye, Esther. We love you!

Andre Floyd

Chopping block

There hasn't been one single lawsuit against a timber sale on the National Forest lands near the Lolo Peak Fire in at least 20 years ("Dear Sen. Daines: Natural variability isn't the last word on climate science," Sept. 7).

Also, the U.S. Forest Service's Northern Region (which includes all National Forests in Montana) has met 89 percent of its timber sale volume target over the past 15 years. That target is based on funding from Congress. It's also worth noting that the timber volume target has increased 72 percent from 2002 to 2015.

Also, it must be pointed out that right now, the U.S. Forest Service is able to conduct an unlimited number of 3,000-acre timber sales, which would be categorically excluded from the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), on 46.7 million acres nationwide and nearly 5 million acres of National Forest land here in Montana. In addition to having "fast-track" status by being categorically excluded from NEPA, these timber sales would have no citizen appeal/objection process.

Keep these facts in mind in the coming weeks and months and certainly folks like Daines, Gianforte and others in the GOP will be using wildfires as an excuse to dramatically increase public lands logging. Some people may remember the infamous "Logging Without Laws" Salvage Rider of 1995, which followed the 1994 wildfire season. That 1995 Salvage Rider resulted in tens of thousands of acres of ancient, old-growth forests and previously unlogged National Forest lands being chopped down and sent to the timber mills.

Matthew Koehler

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