Feels like the first time

I was a 40-year-old first-time snowboarder, and the folks at Board of Missoula taught me the ropes ("Skate or die," March 16). I am so happy that Bacon is living this dream and so happy Board of Missoula is back!

Craig Sweet

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You go, daddy-o!

Chris Bacon and Edge of the World have always been a support for the young teenagers and young adults in this town, giving them a safe and secure place to hang out and skateboard. My son is the wonderful man he is today partly because of the influence of Chris Bacon. I hope and pray for your continued success, Chris.

MaryPat Harr Hertz

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The power of They

Sometimes I think the "living-wage" is a number that really means "just enough to survive, without any form of leisure time or vacation from work." No one making $14 an hour is taking too many vacations ("What's a living wage, really?" March 9). They can't afford it. People are forced to work through vacation time to pay bills. They have to pick and choose between food or other necessities. They can' t take a few days off work or the power gets turned off. I believe it is set up this way to keep the middle class the middle class. They make up the grandest share of taxpayers, and the government loves getting money, so the best way to keep the dough rolling in is to keep people at work. Plus, any time wages get increased, the tax departments increase the taxes and prices on everything go up. A living wage is meant to keep you alive enough to pay the government tons of money before you are too old to work or pass away. They do not care whether your existence was fulfilling or pleasurable. They just want their pedestrian bridges and convention centers.

A.J. LaBrosse

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Target: missed

Your support for the Second Amendment may be laudable, but this article is complete crap! ("Sure shot," March 16)

You have the nerve to say "Newman is a trained and responsible gun owner. As such, he did not shoot any bystanders while deploying deadly force"which is apparently where you set the bar for considering a gun-waving lunatic a "trained and responsible gun owner." Shortly after that you refer to his "judgment" as "impeccable," clearly demonstrating that you do not understand the meaning of one or both those words.

His actions were legal (up until the last few shots), but his judgment was incredibly flawed, and regardless of the police giving him a free pass, the video of the event clearly shows that at least his last two shots were both irresponsible and illegal. It is pure luck that he didn't "shoot any bystanders." Random wild shots into a public area with no concern for where his rounds were going is not the action of "a trained and responsible gun owner." If the police had reviewed the video, he would probably have been arrested. Certainly once the video became available he should have been charged with multiple counts of wanton endangerment.

If you consider this an example of "a trained and responsible gun owner" demonstrating "impeccable" judgment, then I have to seriously question your judgment, training, and responsibility.

Tom Currie

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Any more questions?

After the Independent published "A teen and a prayer" on Feb. 9., a letter to the editor demanded, "What is it about religion that drives you leftists crazy?"

Answer: Religion will cause humans to ruin the Earth.

We are the most invasive of species, and we think that the laws of nature (such as no unlimited population growth) don't apply to us. Darwin displaced humanity from the pinnacle of the organic world, but religion cannot allow that, or Heaven (and Hell) can't be sustained. Thus, the Catholic Church insists that all human life and death is solely up to God.

Pope Francis issues his encyclical to save "our ruined" planet, blaming humanity's inappropriate consumption for the Earth's woes. But the real cause is human population growth.

Half the world's human population still wants to consume its way into the middle class, yet it would take several Earths' worth of resources to support all humans living as middle class. All Pope Francis can offer is a "moral imperative" that humanity do better. Yet if "moral imperative" worked, then no priest would ever have abused a child.

People who study demographics say that to control human population, we must allow contraception and abortion. But the Church insists on viewing human failings as sin as opposed to evidence that we are animals. If we could view human sexual expression as our biological nature, then we can still teach all the reasons to be prudent about sex, while realizing that our "preaching" is going to regularly fail, and so we graciously allow people to have contraception and abortion. Or we can keep ruining the Earth.

William H. Clarke


God's worst creation

Until I read your last edition, I did not know that God created Mountain Standard Time ("Playing God with time," March 16). Guess you're never too old to learn. I will ask HIM to forgive the creator of daylight savings time, because it irritates all of my friends who wait until dark to start bar hopping.

Peter Daniels


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