We love you too

I loved you. I never loved or trusted Lee Enterprises. My heart goes out to all you workers, but as a brand, put a fork in it. It's done. Everyone but your officers that made this decision should start another (truly) independent publication with the original intent.

Hoyt Smith

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Maybe we will...

Sellout to Lee Enterprises. The Independent should change its name to The Missoulian: Lifestyle edition.

David M. Holder

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Voice of experience

I was an editor with the Flathead newspapers—including the Pulitzer Prize-winning Hungry Horse News—when Lee bought us in 1999. We were lied to from start to finish as they cut staff, damaged the products, shed readers, angered the communities and finally dumped the badly degraded newspapers to Hagadone. Don't believe a word you are told. And be aware that people might lose vacations—we all did.

Tom Lawrence

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Keep Missoula weird

Ouch. That independent feeling must remain. I rely on you being against the curve and the norm, now more than ever. Best of luck on keeping that cool edge. Always thankful for your stories and viewpoint.

Robert Eckert

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'When I was a boy...'

When you sell to a big company, even a well meaning one, you destroy the very reason people seek alternative and independent journalism. OK, so they stay separate for now. What about in 10 years when an even bigger company buys the Missoulian? You can't guarantee that level of independence, unless you retain control over it yourself. If you had done a vote by your readers, I have no doubt the answer would have been a resounding no to selling the paper. If the paper is for the public, they should have had a say. Disappointing. I've been bragging about this paper for years. I'm so tired of everything small getting absorbed into everything big. Whatever happened to the entrepreneurial spirit in this country? People used to see things through to the end and make sure it was kept in generations to come. We used to compete, not buy the competition all the time.

Curtis Medina

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Beacon in the darkness

I worked for the Missoulian in the early '90s, around the time the Lee stooges bought the Messenger and killed it That is what they do: buy and kill. It is time for a new newspaper. Cancel your subscription to the Missoulian. Support the Flathead Beacon.

Bill Turner

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Message received

I helped move the Indy into its original offices because Eric, the original editor, asked for a hand. The Indy is no longer precisely because it is no longer independent, and if you cannot get the message of that defacement, then you probably never saw the peace sign painted over again and again. Staff of the Indy, I'm sorry this has occurred, good luck, but edit your CVs.

Shawn Farrell

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You're welcome

Thank you, Indy. Hearing from you is important ("So, about that sale...," April 23). Hope you don't ever have to "hand over the reins," as you say.

Kathleen Kimble

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Credit where due

Finally! I have been waiting for someone to write an article about the injustices perpetrated on the water protectors, the Standing Rock Sioux and Wind River Cheyenne ("Standing Rock and the lessons of Andrew Jackson," March 23). Gundars Rudzitis did an excellent job. I would like to add my two cents' worth. There was no reason for the police presence. The ensuing events started with the pipeline bigwigs ordering their hired security forces to harass the Sioux and Cheyenne for their peaceful protest. It escalated from there when the Bismarck mayor and governor of North Dakota brought in police from neighboring states. Then came razor wire and barricades. Now the governor of North Dakota is crying about $30 million paid out to said police. He has nobody to blame but himself. All he had to do was leave them alone. The Native Americans who were arrested were treated very badly, thus, heaping more indignities upon them. Again, through no fault of their own. I am a proud member of the Blackfeet tribe. I thank all the people who stood with us against this fiasco.

Ken Haugen


Sign of the times

Sad that people have such little respect for private property. ("Indy sign (inevitably vandalized," April 17). In my experience, the Indy has a great staff with a lot of integrity. We don't always (or really ever) agree on issues, but if any news organization has leadership capable of pushing back against Lee's corporate machine, I think it's the Indy. Good luck!

Adam Hertz

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Missing in inaction

People in my town are offended that Greg Gianforte's health-care op-ed, which we saw in the major Montana newspapers, supports preserving rural access without a single mention of how impossible it is to access health care in rural Montana. That is what happens when an engineer gets into your business without making effort to understand the problem. And why would he? After all, when has anyone seen this fella in Libby or Malta or Culbertson or Broadus or Darby or Dillon? Maybe Gianforte would have a deeper respect for how far away affordable health care is from rural Americans if he got out of the television studio and into his SUV to visit those little towns that don't have a pharmacy or a doctor, much less a hospital bed.

Jerry McDonald

Thompson Falls

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