On Tuesday, Justin Timberlake graced the internet with a teaser for his new album, set to drop just before his Super Bowl halftime performance next month. It features JT walking through fields, standing around a bonfire, wrapped in a blanket against the—wait, is he in Montana? Why yes. As it turns out, the Timberlake-Biels spend some time in Big Sky, and apparently the Last Best vibe has rubbed off on Mr. SexyBack, whose new album is called Man of the Woods.

If Timberlake is actually a Montanan now (someone check Memphis, quick), he’d immediately be the most famous musician here. From “Bye Bye Bye” to “Cry Me a River” to “Dick in a Box,” he’s one of the best of his generation. But can he really sell himself as a man of the woods?

The teaser was a boon to Montana Twitter, which quickly began to bust on JT for doing silly stuff that real Montanans don’t do, like wrap themselves in blankets and have enough money to buy a place at the Yellowstone Club.

At least he’s no John Mayer. Timberlake brought his family to Montana, whereas Mayer came here for solitude. Last year, Mayer told the New York Times, “It’s rivers and cows. There’s no sexuality there.” Excuse us, John, but this landscape is a wonderland of thrusting mountains and plush valleys. If your Montana record is boring and unsexy, that’s on you, not us. So far, Timberlake hasn’t made any public statements about Montana (and maybe the album title is just a reference to his own name). But can you imagine how we’ll freak out if he says our name?

JT, here’s a little friendly advice. We have coats here now. While you can choose to wrap yourself in a blanket, there are definitely other options. Also, if you’re telegraphing Montana in a video, be sure to get a highway in there, because interminable drives are as intrinsic to this place as snowy peaks and trout streams. And we know you’re super, super famous, but you and Jessica should totally put in a token appearance at a Livingston bar—we bet you’ll only be bothered for a few selfies with a drunk lady who mistakes you for Aaron Paul.

Anyway, we don’t really get the controversy over Timberlake’s Montana authenticity. Rich guy no one has seen off the resort? Sounds like the average Big Sky resident to us.

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