What you’re drinking: The Lupujus 6 is a New England pale ale with heaps of citrus flavor. There are four Lupujus: 5, 6, 7 and 8, with the numbers representing each variant’s ABV percentage. The Lupujus 6 was re-released late last month after some tweaks to its formula.

Lupujus? It’s a riff on “humulus lupulus,” the Latin taxonomy for hops. The idea behind the series is to create pale ales that are less bitter and more fruity.

How’s it taste? This writer is typically not a fan of pale ales, but the Lupujus 6’s emphasis on fruitiness downplayed all the qualities that make hoppy PAs such an acquired taste. There’s still some bitterness, but only for the first sip. Once you’ve acclimated to the taste, all those juicy flavors really get the opportunity to shine.


The look: Upon ordering a Lupujus, you’ll probably notice that it doesn’t look quite like the other beers on tap. It’s more opaque, and doesn’t have much of a foamy head. That’s intentional. It still drinks like a beer, but it’s a nice deviation.

How much? A pint will run you $6.

Where to get it: Imagine Nation is located at 1151 W. Broadway St.

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