What you’re drinking: The Summer Breeze is one of a handful of new cocktails that debuted at the Thomas Meagher Bar last weekend. Others include the bourbon-based B.L.T. (bourbon, lemon and tonic) and a concoction of olive brine and Montgomery Distillery vodka called the Quick and Dirty.

What’s in it: It’s a mix of Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit & Rose vodka, orange juice and cranberry juice. There’s a nice orange garnish on the rim. It’s a relatively unassuming drink, but its lack of flourish is arguably its best feature — no excess fruits to navigate, no swizzle sticks. You can consume it entirely with a straw.

Summer Breeze at Thomas Meagher Bar

How’s it taste? A name like “Summer Breeze” demands maximum refreshment, and this drink delivers. The rose flavor is prominent but in no way overwhelming. The juices almost completely eliminate any alcohol burn, making it supremely drinkable. It’s just as good sipped as it is slammed, making it ideal for those sweltering downtown nights that are just around the corner.

What it costs: $7.50 — a veritable bargain in a town becoming obsessed with spendy cocktails.

Where to get it: Thomas Meagher Bar, 130 W. Pine St.

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