Missoula has its fair share of sludge and doom. Iron Cemetery fills a need for something a few degrees more brutal. The three-piece’s self-titled EP is a blistering amalgamation of death and thrash metal, resulting in a sound that’s as technical as it is made for crushing beers on your forehead. Iron Cemetery plays at face-melting speed, a constant onslaught of blast beats, virtuoso guitar solos and a ferocious growl that calls to mind Behemoth’s Adam Darski on uppers.

Iron Cemetery

The lyrics occasionally edge toward silliness — “Jesus Christ/get off your fucking cross” from “Lycanthropy” being one example. But Iron Cemetery is in good company in a genre known for lyrical excess, and the wordplay hardly detracts from the riffage. Who needs complex lyricism when the solo on “Hostile Drone” says everything?

The production, helmed by Black National Recording’s own Chris Baumann, is top-notch, allowing each instrument to hold ground amid the chaos. This sounds as good on laptop speakers as it does on a sound system, which is awfully good news for metalheads who still bump Deicide cassettes in their aging car stereos. It’s an extremely promising debut from what we can only hope will become a Missoula institution.

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