Cody Jinks plays the Wilma Wed., Aug. 15, at 8 PM. $30.

Cody Jinks’ fifth LP, Lifers, laments the passage of time and is soaked in loneliness and whiskey, but without a depressing vibe. It features the artist’s rich baritone along with a big, strummy steel guitar sound in the vein of old-school country, imbued with rock rather than pop undertones. Storytelling is clearly Jinks’ strength and his lyrics leak nonstop emotion.

cody jinks

The heart-wrenching ballad “I’m Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leavin’,” really hit home for me recently as I packed up my car to leave Montana. It also dredged up every breakup I’ve ever gone through. But then, just two tracks later, “Big Last Name” had me wanting to swing dance my boots off at the Union Club. That all sounds like a recipe for whiplash, but Lifers flows seamlessly from beginning to end, balancing the upbeat with the somber.

This record is a solid, authentic representation of what country music should sound like, even for those who don’t consider themselves a fan of the genre. Pour yourself a glass of whiskey (what else) and settle in.

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