Remember in Back to the Future when time-traveler Marty McFly accidentally prevents his parents from getting together in the 1950s, thereby erasing himself from history? Though Marty is able to bring his folks together in the nick of time with a face-melting guitar solo, what would have happened if he hadn't? Erased from history, Marty wouldn't have been able to travel back in time, meaning his parents would have met as intended, which would mean Marty would exist to travel back in time and disrupt his existence. It's enough to make your head spin. But what if Marty had altered something a little more important to world history? What if instead of preventing his own birth, he had derailed the career of Johann Sebastian Bach instead?


Missoula Symphony Orchestra's Bach to the Future explores this head-scratcher of a paradox with a special concert inspired by Robert Zemeckis' 1985 film. Marty borrowed the DeLorean again. But this time, instead of jumping back to the ‘t50s to interrupt his parent's courtship, he plowed his time machine right through Bach's piano. Now the Symphony find themselves not only out of luck, but out of time as well. Now it's going to take some true musical skill, not to mention a heaping dose of audience participation, to fix the timeline.

Bach to the Future at the Dennison Theatre Fri., Jan. 26 at 7 PM. $8 For more info

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