Raise your hand if you don’t at least occasionally crave sushi. Yeah, that’s what we thought. That’s why we see you there every Wednesday night, studying the $1 sushi menu like some Rosetta Stone of mouthly pleasure. We added the new Best Sushi category this year, since there are some fresh players in Missoula’s raw fish game, and with the idea of opening up the longstanding Best Seafood category to the cooked competition. But Sushi Hana—Montana’s first sushi restaurant, est. 1998—didn’t miss a beat, not only retaining its Best Seafood crown but picking up the new Sushi title and garnering manager/server Matt Maddox a Best Waiter nod for good measure. Maybe it’s time to start feeding that craving more than once a week. Matt Maddox, Sushi Hana: 403 N Higgins Ave • 549-7979 • sushimissoula.com

Finalists, Best Waiter/Waitress

2. Cheryl Nickey, Jakers Bar & Grill

3. Kate, Scotty's Table

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