Fine, we admit it: As seriously as some people take them, most Best of Missoula categories are pretty small beans in the scheme of things. You might like this burger a little bit better than that burger, but there are plenty of good burgers in this town, and you’ll do yourself no disservice by trying them all. But best veterinary clinic? That’s some life-or-death stuff right there, and in a town where lots of dogs get better health care than some people we know, reliable reader recommendations carry extra weight. Missoula Veterinary Clinic is a serial contender in this category, previously winning it in 2014 and 2016, and doctors Andrew Cross, Scott Bovard, Jessica Hanson and Adam and Katie McDougall and the rest of the MVC crew have obviously earned your trust. If we let animals vote in this category (Ed. note: Hey, we should let animals vote in this category), they’d doubtless agree. Missoula Veterinary Clinic: 3701 Old US 93 • 251-2400 •

Finalists, Best Veterinary Clinic/Hospital

2. Alpine • 500 S 5th St W • 728-4605 •

3. Pruyn Veterinary Hospital • 2501 S Russell St • 829-8150 •

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