Best Restaurant Service



You know that moment when a truly gorgeous, cared-for plate of food is placed in front of you like a present so nice you’re not sure if you should even open it? Open it. Take a bite. You don’t need to talk about it right away because the person across from you will know: This is a place that gets it right. Chef Pearl Cash, likely the person who picked up the phone and took your reservation, has been at this more than 40 years, and her restaurant is a classic for all the right reasons. It’s also staffed by Missoula’s best, inside and outside the kitchen, and absolutely the right choice if you feel like getting fancy with a person you really like. Pearl’s got ambiance, an interesting wine list and amazing service, but we’ll be honest here: Even all that kind of pales compared to the perfect rabbit confit. Pearl Cafe: 231 E Front St • 541-0231 •

Finalists, Best Restaurant

2. Red Bird • 111 N Higgins • 549-2906 •

3. Scotty's Table • 131 S Higgins Ave U3 • 549-2790 •

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