At Betty’s Divine you can find a retro-print dress for sipping martinis at a cocktail party, a bohemian blouse for casual afternoons reading a good book, lounge pants for curling up on the couch (so lazy), and a Monfuckingtana shirt from Statriot Designs for when you’re feeling sassy. And, yes, work clothes, too, because the daily grind feels better when you look like a million bucks. The men’s clothing section, aka “Manplanet,” includes basic jeans and white T-shirts, button-up cowboy shirts and hats with just enough style to turn heads. Don’t miss out on the Divine Trash Vintage section in the back, where you can reclaim the best fashions from decades past. Best of all, the independently owned clothing store has owners and staff with the know-how and enthusiasm to outfit the most helpless of us, turning dull into dashing every time. Betty's Divine: 509 S Higgins Ave • 721-4777 •

Finalists, Best Men’s Clothing

2. Dillard's • 2901 Brooks, Southgate Mall • 721-3100 •

3. Desmonds • 129 N Higgins • 728-8233

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