According to our online Best of Missoula archive (which goes back only to 2008, but still...), no single scribbler has ever taken the simultaneous crowns in both of these categories. Until now. Brooks, our formidable columnist, proves with the repeat that his inaugural win in 2016 was no fluke, which of course it wasn’t, cos dude is a monster talent, but apparently Brooks wants to rule more than our newsroom, and this year he knocks off perpetual Best Writer James Lee Burke, who can at least take some small comfort in that fact that he still has about a 958-novel lead on Brooks. How did Dan do it, especially without even so much as a body slam to raise his Q-Score? Hell if we know, but it’s all the more impressive given that, according to the letters he consistently generates, at least half of you can’t even tell when he’s joking. Dan and

Finalists, Best Journalist

2. Martin Kidston, Missoula

3. Erika Fredrickson, Missoula

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