Best Comedian

Best Comedian: Michael Beers

Don’t know if you’ve noticed—nudge, nudge—but Missoula is a pretty funny town, and if there’s a growth industry on our arts front, it’s stand-up. And if there’s a leader of Missoula’s stand-up pack, it’s clearly Michael Beers, who fleshes out his impressive Missoula footprint with work as a disability advocate and a recent stint as a school board trustee. Helping people learn and making them laugh is a neat trick and a welcome talent, not least when it can sometimes seem that the rest of the world is trending mean. But Missoula isn’t the rest of the world, thank god, and we know how to appreciate a good guy and a good laugh. Beers—no joke—delivers on both counts.

Finalists, Best Comedian

2. Sarah Aswell

3. John Howard

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