What makes a bike shop the best? Well, first, it has to carry cool bikes. (How about Salsa and All-City for starters?) And it has to know how to keep them running. It has to be newbie-friendly (nobody likes a bike snob) and the staff should be avid riders themselves (Hellgate’s website is basically just a blog full of riding pics). But honestly, that could describe any number of bike shops in this bike-happy town, and lucky us. Since 2008, this category’s trophy has been traded among Bike Doctor, Missoula Bicycle Works and Open Road, quality LBSs all, so you know Hellgate’s little hole in the alley downtown is doing something extra special to sprint to the head of that pack. Give ‘em a try next time you’re in the market for your next bit of heaven on wheels. In the meantime, ogle the for-sale bikes on the shop’s Flickr page and try not to drool on the keyboard. Hellgate Cyclery

316 N. Higgins Ave •

549-8785 •


Finalists, Best Bike Shop

2. Bicycle Hangar

1801 Brooks St •

728-9537 •


3. Bike Doctor

1101 Toole Ave •

721-5357 •


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