Best Art Gallery

Best Art Gallery: Dana Gallery

On July 13, artists from across the country will convene at Lindbergh Lake to paint the breathtaking vistas of the Seeley-Swan valley. The annual Paint Out, which concludes with an exhibit of the en plein air works, is one of several beloved events and shows created by the Dana Gallery. Others include The Young and the Reckless, which offers a survey of emerging regional artists, and the Collectors Resale Show, where people can get their art items appraised, Antiques Roadshow style. Owner Dudley Dana has kept art lovers riveted for more than 20 years, which is why the gallery continues to thrive at the heart of Missoula’s art world. Dana Gallery: 246 N Higgins Ave • 721-3154 •

Finalists, Best Art Gallery

2. Radius Gallery 114 E Main • 541-7070 •

3. 4 Ravens Gallery 248 N Higgins Ave • 317-1543 •

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