Is anyone surprised? The Ox is the king of the late-night burger, and a true judgment-free zone where Missoula’s drunken, huddled masses convene to shovel greasy delectables down their throats as one. Don’t get sassy with the no-nonsense cast of cook-servers—they’ve seen your likes before. But they do care about what they’re serving, and it still shows after all these years. There’s no better place to eat a burger at 4 a.m.—then stick around for breakfast. The Oxford Saloon & Cafe: 337 N Higgins Ave • 549-0117 •

Finalists, Best All-Night Dining

2. Denny's • 2922 Brooks St • 829-8500

3. 4Bs • 700 E Broadway St • 926-2364

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