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Street Talk

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This week the Indy rolls out its endorsements.

Are you voting, and what’s the most important issue to you?

Who represents your City Council ward?

Walter Kero

Walt Kero: Oh, the biggest issue for me is the mayor’s race! I voted. This might become a theme: Don’t know.

Anne Smyrl

Anne Smyrl: I haven't decided yet, but probably. I don’t know if I’ve lived in Missoula long enough to know what the issues of Missoula are. Certainly, locally speaking, things like housing and transportation are important to me. Just being honest: Not a clue

Danielle Penny

Danielle Penny: I intend to, I haven’t gotten my ballot. I feel stupid because it’s my civic duty, I should know that. I've read in the Missoulian about John Engen. You and Walt must be neighbors: Don’t know.

Rick Shields

Rick Shields: I didn’t know there was an election. I would say affordable housing. They’re putting up all of these apartment buildings, but everything is starting out at like $700 for a one bedroom. I grew up in South Dakota, so $700 would get you at least a townhome back home. That’s Ward 6: I have no idea.

James Burkhart

James Burkhart: I probably will, yeah. I just haven’t educated myself on any of the stuff just yet. I honestly have no idea. I have nothing to say about it right now I’m sorry. Roads maybe? I know everyone says work on the roads. A perfect 5 for 5: I have no idea.

Asked Tuesday morning at the Target Starbucks

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