Did you participate in Saturday’s Women’s March? Why or why not?

What are the biggest issues facing women, and what are you doing to address them?


Broc Reed: No, because I didn’t know about it and I was probably working. Look on the bright side? I think it’s a woman’s world already. Everything we do is either for money or women. I think a lot of problems could be solved if they acknowledged the power they already do have.


Hannah DesJarlais: No, I didn’t know about it until Monday. Listen to her: I’m not doing anything to address them, but I feel the biggest issue is we’re not treated as equals to men. We don’t get equal pay, we’re always paid less in certain fields. I’m not sure how we can change that. There are women trying, but men don’t listen.


Darian Dougan: I didn’t, I kind of didn’t know it was happening. Honestly, that’s why I didn’t go. Mind the gap: I think that the gender gap in certain industries like STEM is a big issue. I guess I don’t do a lot, but I try to have conversations with people in a not-angry way.


Windsong of the Taino Nation: Yes, I’m Native American and there was a group of native women who were organizing to bring attention to native issues. All of the above: Sexism, ageism, racism — these are all pressing issues, because they’re a way of commodifying women. It’s something I’ve worked on my whole life. For me, the person really is the political


David Nelson: Yes, I’ve been supportive of the women’s movement since the very beginning. From the time I graduated on, observing the way women have been transformed. I think it’s all for the good. I was born in 1940, so I’ve seen a lot of that transition. The most thrilling part of the march is I really think we’ve finally had an event that will unite women across all shades. Cast your ballot: If you look at the voting record, like when they vote for president, women come out and then they go away. They don’t come out until the next presidential election. That’s been where the real weaknesses have been, and they don’t keep the momentum.

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