This week’s cover story is about bobcat farms and pet bobcats. What would you do if your neighbor got a pet bobcat?

Have you ever wanted a wild or exotic pet?


Jessica Whitt: I’d probably be a little bit leery of that. Especially since I have small kids and a small animal, a small dog. I don’t think I’d like it. Tzu each their own: No. I have a Shih Tzu.


Nancy Whitt: I wouldn’t like it. We had bobcats around our place, we lived up by the Sweetgrass Hills, and I’ve had a cat that they called feral, and she scratched our furniture, scratched our children, and that was just a cat. And I think a bobcat is a feral animal and I think he deserves to be wild. After that cat, who would: No. I haven’t.


Pat O’Brien: I wouldn’t be too thrilled about it. I don’t think animals like bobcats should be considered as pets. I was in Yellowstone about a month ago, and we had a bobcat run in front of us, and it was rather huge. It’s a wild animal. See you later: When I was a young man I was working on a disaster in Mississippi and in one of the local pet stores they were selling caimans, baby alligators, and I bought one. I thought it would be a novelty for the kids … It bit me so many times. It had little needle teeth. I wasn’t sorry to see it go. When it was obviously dead we had commodeside services and flushed it into eternity.


Kylie Byrd: Once I was driving through Wyoming and I did see some people with a bobcat as a pet. I don’t really remember the backstory, but it was domesticated. I would say if they take good care of the animal, I have no negative opinions about it. Sonic or Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle: Oh absolutely. I’ve always wanted a hedgehog. They’re so cute!

Asked Tuesday morning at Black Cat Bake Shop.

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