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Street Talk: Thanksgivings to remember

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This is the Indy’s annual holiday food issue.

What’s the most unusual or memorable Thanksgiving you’ve had?

What’s the most important part of the holiday for you?


Jackie Stob: One time my grandma burned the turkey and we had to go to the Montana Club for dinner. Made to order: The family time. And the Hawaiian rolls. That’s another important part. Whoever is making the meal, they have to make it with everyone in mind. Every family member has a special request.


Mike Finch: I always love going to Jackson to my grandparents’ house … When Obama got elected, that was an interesting year. Some rifts in the family. Blood trumps politics: Family. It’s just a great time to get together. It’s one of the few times I get to see my immediate family anymore.


Callie Morris: I haven’t really had any unusual Thanksgivings. Just family time at the cabin. Sensing a pattern: Food and family. The two “F”s. And cranberry sauce. It’s a staple for us. We make it from scratch.


Byron Weckworth: One year when I was away in graduate school, we all decided we were going to fry a turkey. We had a pretty substantial explosion because the turkey wasn’t completely thawed. A slice of togetherness: For me it’s really centered around getting around a big table with friends and family and sharing that space. And, of course, Mom’s apple pie.


Kevin Christensen: Probably a Thanksgiving I spent with a friend of mine from Spokane. Her family’s vegetarian, and her dad made all these vegetarian dishes … For me, it was a step away from what I was used to. Five for five on family: Generic response—it’s gotta be the people you spend it with. Family’s always important. Sometimes it’s just with friends, or other people’s families.

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