When do you use a taxi cab versus a rideshare like Uber or Lyft?

What’s your best taxi or rideshare story?


Aimee McManus: I used to take a taxi, now I’m into Uber. But I don’t use either much. I used it when I was drinking, for a ride home. Missoula fairytale: I was drinking after work, and I shared a taxi home. Next morning I only had one work shoe. I called the cab company, they never found it. I found it, two and a half months later, on the median in Stephen’s Avenue. Fit like Cinderella’s slipper.


Kevin Rechkoff: I would use Uber more often, because when I’m using something like that I’m with a bunch of people … I’d be more inclined to use a taxi if I was by myself. Left Coast anachronism: In Portland, we were at a bachelor party, and this Uber girl was driving a bright blue monster truck sort of thing. She was bumping rap music, but she was dressed in goth clothes. It was like three stereotypes wrapped up in one.


Mary Collins: I feel like now that Uber is in Missoula, I would always sort of default to that. Just pick a station! One Thanksgiving in Spokane, some friends and I did a Craigslist rideshare back to Missoula. This woman picked us up and asked if we had any music requests. We said no. For two and a half or three hours, she alternated between country and Insane Clown Posse.


Jim Chandler: Airport, typically. Unless I can guilt a family member into coming to get me at the last minute. Lost in the City of Roses: I had to actually direct a cab driver in Portland to my house when I was living there. His Google directions or whatever were leading him all over. Nice guy, no sense of direction.

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