This week’s cover story profiles four people who are looking for housing after being evicted from Skyview Trailer Park.

What’s the most difficult time you’d had finding housing in Missoula?

What would you do if you found out you were being evicted?


Autumn Thompson: I have never struggled, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to afford housing. I’m an attorney, and a lot of my clients struggle to find housing. It’s a hurdle that a lot of them can’t overcome. Counting lucky stars: I’m really fortunate. I have a safety net of friends and family I could go to to find a new place. A lot of people don’t.


Emily Martinek: I was looking in late August 2016, and I waited too long and everything was gone. My friends split up and we all found our own studio apartments since we couldn’t find a place together. Move quickly: I would probably just move in with a friend and start looking immediately, because I feel like it takes so long to go through the application process and actually get an apartment.


Rachel Ackerman: I’m actually new to town. I didn’t have too much trouble finding housing. I live on an urban farm, and I know that’s not realistic for everybody. Embrace community: I’d be so sad. I might consult the North Missoula Community Development Corporation. I know they work a lot with affordable housing. Also, as a student, I may be able to swing a communal housing situation that is usually more affordable.


Alex Alviar: I’ve always been lucky. As soon as I landed in Missoula, people were giving me places to stay, complete strangers, even. That’s what made me decide to stay here — Missoula’s culture is so welcoming. Try another country: Move to Vancouver. I’ve never been, but it sounds cool as well.

Asked Wednesday morning at Black Coffee Roasting Co.

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