Betty’s Divine just purchased the iconic Desmond’s mannequin. If you could own one piece of Missoula iconography, what would it be?

What is the best spot in Missoula for taking selfies?


Troy Tracy: That mannequin is clutch. I would have to say probably the walking bridge to the U that has all the padlocks on it. The view from above: I feel like you see a ton up on the M, or over on Waterworks.


Erik Hartzell: The XXXXs. It’s a staple. It’s something everyone remembers from hanging out downtown. Another vista vote: At the M, for sure, with Missoula in the background.


Taylor Adams: Does a brewery count? This is probably my favorite spot, the Northside KettleHouse. Going with the flow: Right on the Higgins bridge overlooking the river, with the M in the background.


Willy Miller: If I could own one thing, it would probably be Charlie B’s. That’d be awesome. Amen to the “no selfies” thing: I don’t take selfies. But if I was going to take a selfie, it’d be at the KettleHouse with my kids.


Joe Cool: Oh, man, that’s a tough one. Maybe the UM griz statue? I’ve always wanted a pet. FYI, we totally just made these up: Anywhere but with me. You know how many selfies I’ve been in? It gets exhausting grinning all the time.

Asked Monday evening at the Northside KettleHouse

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